Grapes go with a whole host of flavours, both sweet and salty !

    Grapes Ideas!

    A classic in fruit salads, as a snack and on cheese platters, grapes also go beautifully with a whole host of flavours, both sweet and salty.

    A few sweet grape ideas

    • Halve each fruit and place in a serving dish. Sprinkle with brown sugar and cover with mascarpone cheese. Refri gerate for one hour before serving.
    • Add at the end of cooking to rice or tapioca pudding made with coconut milk.
    • Blend with berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries) for a smoothie loaded with antioxidants.

    A few savoury grape ideas

    • Cut each fruit in half and add to chick pea and couscous salad.
    • Pan-fry onions and grapes and combine with fresh mint and lemon juice to serve with fish fillets.
    • Add to a curried chicken, sweet red pepper and basil salad.

    What kind of grapes can you find in our stores?


    A crunchy seedless red grape with a sweet, slightly tart flavour.

    Gourmet tip : Add to a grated carrot salad with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and a dash of honey.


    A sweet, juicy seedless green grape with a hint of sourness.

    Gourmet tip : Thread a bunch of these grapes on skewers, alternating with chicken breast cubes brushed with a blend of olive oil and herbes de Provence.

    Red Globe

    A red grape with seeds, a firm texture and a mild, sweet taste.

    Gourmet tip : Halve and arrange on a piece of baguette with goat cheese and thinly sliced prosciutto.

    Autumn Royal

    A seedless black grape with a pulpy texture and mild, delicate taste.

    Gourmet tip : Arrange grape halves on a slice of pumpernickel bread topped with Brie and broil.


    A sweet, seedless grape with tender flesh.

    Gourmet tip : Cut each fruit in half and combine with cream cheese and walnuts for tea sandwiches.


    A fragrant seedless blue grape with a crunchy texture.

    Gourmet tip : Pan-fry a bunch of these grapes with sausages, French shallots and balsamic vinegar.


    This yellow grape with seeds has a thick skin and a juicy, crunchy, meaty pulp.

    Gourmet tip : Sauté with spinach and red onions and serve on a grilled salmon fillet.


    This red seedless grape has nice crisp and very sweet pulp.

    Gourmet tip : Spread your morning toast with peanut butter garnished with flame grape halves.


    This green seedless grape has a sweet, crunchy pulp.

    Gourmet tip : Add a few of these grapes to Gorgonzola cheese and praline pecans for a spring mix salad. Drizzle with olive oil and white wine vinegar dressing.

    Sweet Scarlett

    This red seedless grape has a mild, fruity flavour.

    Gourmet tip : Cut grapes in half and arrange on a pizza crust with garlic, Bayonne ham, oregano and sharp cheddar. Place in the oven and broil for a few minutes.

    Autumn King

    This green grape has crunchy, sweet flesh.

    Gourmet tip : Fry tasty autumn king grapes in a pan with bacon, onions and diced potatoes.


    This red grape has very sweet flesh and is tender and delicious.

    Gourmet tip : Garnish a tortilla with halved grapes, hummus, provolone and lettuce leaves.


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