10 local products for cocktails under the sun

10 local products for cocktails under the sun

Summer and cocktails go hand in hand.

This year, in an effort to join in the local consumption movement and to (re)discover local flavours, opt for Quebec products in your cocktails, too.

Here are 10 ways to include some excellent local products in your cocktail.

Cocktail hour with the family

Want to include your kids in the day’s cocktail hour?

Decorate some pretty glasses with a few fruit wedges and fill them with some nicely chilled Tradition sparkling pear juice.

Drinking “like grown ups” is sure to bring on some giggles!

International brunch

Invite your European friends to an international cocktail.

The time difference might mean it’s earlier here, so we recommend a Bulles de Nuit sparkling mimosa, perfect for a late-morning brunch.

Alcohol-free celebration

It is possible to enjoy cocktail hour without alcohol.

Try making mocktails—alcohol-free cocktails—like a Blood orange by Monsieur Cocktail.

Crush fennel into a shaker, and cover with freshly pressed blood orange juice, grapefruit syrup, Monsieur Cocktail love tonic syrup, and lime juice. Mix and strain. Pour into glasses and complete with sparkling water and ice cubes.

Garnish with fresh dill, and enjoy!

Back to basics

A timeless classic, gin tonic is a happy hour favourite.

You can easily turn it into a 100% local cocktail by mixing Quebec gin and subtle Nordic 1642 Tonic. Add a few ice cubes and garnish your glass with a slice of cucumber.

We bet this local cocktail will become a fast favourite!

Brewed at home

Give your yard or patio that microbrewery feel.

Enjoy a smooth Archibald Brise du lac beer, straight from the can or in a pint-sized glass.

Put on some of Quebec’s best music and enjoy the moment… you’ll feel like you’re right there in your favourite microbrewery.

Zen o’clock

Want to feel Zen? Prepare a relaxing cocktail.

Look for healthy options, like Loop’s Top Notch apple-strawberry-raspberry juice, made using local, imperfect fruit.

Sip in lotus, on a yoga mat, or relaxing in your hammock.

Quick drink

Want a drink without the hassle?

For a cocktail ready in no time, pour some vodka and Nutra-Fruit sugar-free, pure cranberry juice into a glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Ready, set, drink!

All for one

Can’t decide between a tasty beer and a refreshing cocktail? We’ve got you! Just make a beer cocktail!

In a pitcher, mix Tradition organic apple and peach juice with a local blonde beer. Add thin peach slices and refrigerate a few minutes.

A well-deserved break

Escape to your backyard or patio for a moment of peace under

Pop open a cool Sicilian lemon Italian soda by Compliments, and enjoy the Mediterranean flavours of this tasty sparkling drink.

Impromptu get-together

Looking to get your mind off things or simply to have a little fun? Turn the radio up and serve yourself a La Cidrerie Beaupré rose strawberry cider in champagne glasses.

Get moving to the beat, turning your yard into a dance floor for this festive cocktail.