10 tips to get your little ones to eat more veggies

10 tips to get your little ones to eat more veggies

We all know that vegetables are good for your health. However, they aren't always the most popular food with kids. This can be a challenge for parents who sometimes lack inspiration. Here are 10 tips that will help you make them look more appealing to your little ones.

1. Creative presentation

Add a little extra magic to the dish by making fun objects or faces with your veggies, like a smile, a sun, a tree or a house.

2. Cook them differently

Try them in sweet recipes. Winter squash and sweet potatoes have a delicate sweet flavour and smooth flesh that is great for cooking bread, muffins and cookies. Carrots, zucchinis, avocados and beets are other great options.

3. Integrate them to their favourite meal

Try adding more veggies to your recipes whenever possible. Add them to a spaghetti sauce, macaroni, homemade pizza, a sandwich or an omelet. The possibilities are endless!

4. Lead by example

Set an example by eating your vegetables with appetite and pleasure. Enjoy the benefits of eating at the table with all your family rather than in front of the TV.

5. Involve your kids

You can cook with your kids from an early age. Choose tasks according to what he/she can do and the time you have. Kids are proud when they achieve tasks, which makes them more likely to enjoy discovering new foods.

6. Encourage, don’t insist

Getting your little ones to eat vegetables can be quite a challenge. While it can be frustrating, keep in mind that a positive experience will have more benefits. Be sure to encourage your little ones. Remember that touching a vegetable is a small step towards acceptance.

7. Variety is the key

Some vegetables may be less appreciated by your little ones. Allow them to make their own choices by offering more than one vegetable at each meal. This might get them to eat more veggies.

8. Make tasty veggies

Prepare tasty vegetables that your kids will love. Serve them au gratin, with a dip or with fresh herbs and vary the textures between raw, cooked, crunchy, soft and smooth.

9. Keep it up

Don’t let one failed attempt discourage you. Keep adding vegetables on their plate. It may take five, 10, 15 or even 20 times before a kid accepts a new food. Offer small portions instead of tons of vegetables that can be discouraging for little stomachs.

10. Make vegetables a habit

Always have vegetables on hand and offer them daily. Make veggies an essential part of every meal and give them a place of choice on your plate. Healthy eating habits are a gift that will last for life.