A guide to the perfect sports night

A guide to the perfect sports night!

The Superbowl is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan, a half-time show fan, or if you simply like taking advantage of the occasion to get together with friends, follow our guide for planning the perfect sports night ever!

Chicken wings + football = a winning combo

Chicken wings and football go hand-in-hand. To impress your guests, offer them the best of the best with top-quality, local products like BBQ Québec chicken wings. While the wings are cooking in the oven, prepare a blue cheese or ranch-style dipping sauce and some crudités (cucumbers, celery). You can serve everything in baskets lined with parchment paper for a complete pub ambience at home!

For your veggie friends: Have you ever tried Buffalo cauliflower with bleu sauce? Your guests will love these sweet-and-sour cauliflower bites with a crispy exterior. A healthy recipe that’s just as finger-licking good as the original!

The secret to perfectly cooked wings: If you’re cooking your wings directly on the BBQ, no need to flip them. For oven-baked wings, make sure you flip them halfway through to ensure a uniform, irresistible crisp.

Go green: Chicken wings are delicious . . . but messy! Forgo the paper napkins (they just end up in the garbage) and instead set out a selection of cloth napkins so that you and your guests can wipe your hands between bites!

The half-time platter

Got guests showing up just in time for the half-time show? Greet them with a festive version of everyone’s favourite: the mixed cheese and charcuterie platter! Opt for quality sausages, like those offered by Le Sauciflard, available in a variety of flavours: black pepper, Parmesan, white wine, herbes de Provence, and hot pepper. Make sure to include a nice selection of Quebec cheeses (think firm and soft rinds, ash cheese, and goat cheese).

Elevate your cheese platter to MVP status

Just a few original ingredients is all it takes to create a crowd-pleasing cheese platter. Opt for speciality products like quince or Port jellies, pickled vegetables (peppers, eggplants), roasted nuts, a selection of dried fruit, red onion jam, fresh figs, blood oranges, and bread sticks.

Discovery Zone pairing suggestion: Feel like a refreshing white for happy hour? Grab a bottle of Aperto fumé Blanc, a “fruity and vibrant” white that’s refined enough to pair nicely with a cheese platter. If you’re a fan of red wine, we recommend Clermont Pinot noir, an “aromatic and supple” wine that’s super versatile and makes a great accompaniment to cheese and charcuterie.

The victory burger

Pulled meat covered in BBQ sauce is the perfect dish to serve on game night. Not only is it great in a burger, but you can also add it to nachos, grilled-cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, stuffed potatoes, and pizza. On top of being tender and oh-so-tasty, pulled meat can be prepared the night before, either in the oven or in your slow cooker or pressure cooker. Or you could make life even easier by opting for BBQ F. Ménard pulled pork, an exceptional local product you just have to try! Another time-saving trick? Use Ricardo’ pulled pork cooking sauce—a sweet and sour blend of tomatoes and spices. It’s the secret ingredient that’ll make all your recipes better!

Discovery Zone pairing suggestion: Make sure to have something for everyone on-hand thanks to the Unibroue Discovery Pack! Create your very-own case with 8 beers of your choice. Blonde, white, dark, or amber . . . these refined and complex-flavoured beers pair perfectly with our pulled pork burger! 

Seafood showstoppers

To add a touch of glam to the evening, impress your guests with simple, but refined dishes, like scallop tartare, tuna tataki, or salmon sashimi. Need a hand? Try Sushis à la maison—a vast selection of high-quality products that are sure to please! Serve your tartare in verrines or stem-less wine glasses, and make sure to offer a variety of sides, such as bread croutons, crackers, Parmesan crisps, root vegetable chips, or slices of cucumber. 

More incredible ideas: a tartare bar! Set out a variety of fish (tuna, salmon, scallops) and a selection of condiments and sauces.

The big finale

For a true touchdown dessert, anyone with a sweet tooth will be cheering for these brownies topped with caramel, maple syrup, and ice cream! Try one of the three chocolate brownie flavours created by Chocolat Favoris (like Dulce de leche) and Laiterie Chagnon ice cream, and create your own crazy combinations! Another easy and decadent option? Homemade ice cream sandwiches made with Chocolat Favoris cookies and butterscotch ice cream. Now that’s a dessert that’s sure to score big!