A rainbow-coloured bbq feast


The warm weather brings with it the desire to enjoy every moment, big or small. And that can mean rolling out the BBQ and enjoying some time on the terrace until the sun goes down. Transform these simple occasions into a special event by preparing a rainbow-coloured BBQ feast—because the rainbow will forever be engraved in our hearts as a symbol of unity and hope.   

Tomato red

A classic summer salad featuring savoury Quebec tomatoes. Simply whip up a small batch of pesto using the basil from your garden, drizzle over the juicy tomatoes, and you’re done! A simple and versatile side dish that pairs perfectly with grilled meat and fish.

For a 100% BBQ menu, try making this recipe for grilled balsamic tomatoes with basil crouton topping! The crunchy basil topping makes for a pleasant contrast in textures.  

Grilled balsamic tomatoes with basil crouton topping

Peach orange

Fruit on the BBQ? Why not! Peaches are among some of the best fruit to grill. Here’s a tip for grilling them on the BBQ: toss the peaches in a syrup made of honey or maple syrup, a dash of balsamic vinegar, and a sprinkling of cinnamon or lemongrass. Slip onto a brochette and grill! Serve your peach brochettes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And there you have it! A simple, yet succulent, dessert!  

Cooking fish en papilotte is a classic. This BBQ cooking method always results in tender, flaky, and delicious fish! Try this salmon with orange and pink grapefuit recipe, for a meal that’s simple and refined.  

Peach brochettes

Lemon yellow

With their fresh taste and burst of acidity that awakens the taste buds, lemons are a great ingredient to add to your summer recipes—both salty and sweet. Of course, they’re great in cocktails, too!  This lemonade soda is refreshing and tart—the perfect drink for toasting to the warm weather . . . cheers!

As for the BBQ, lemon slices are gorgeous when grilled and do a great job of highlighting the flavours of chicken, salmon, or calamari. Try this delicious recipe today: tilapia with charred lemons!

Broiled Mustard Crusted Tilapia with Charred Lemons

Cucumber green

Crunchy and refreshing, cucumbers are great year-round, but are especially delicious in summer! For a backyard lunch, toss them in a salad or serve sliced with a side of dip. Or try making this delicious homemade tzatziki, great served with grilled veggies, chicken, or Greek lamb.

A cucumber salad with yogurt and fresh mint is also a great side to all your BBQ meals. Our recipe features feta cheese and chickpeas, for a versatile and filling summer salad!  

Fresh cucumber salad

Blueberry blue

One of Quebec’s star products: wild blueberries! Fresh or frozen, they’re featured in so many gourmet treats: pies, cakes, crumbles . . . oh my! For the perfect finishing touch to an evening of barbecuing, serve this Greek frozen yogurt cake, topped with a handful of sliced almonds for crunch!

On those hot summer nights, what could be more refreshing than these yogurt, blueberry, and cranberry ice pops? Prepare them ahead of time and treat your guests to a refreshing treat! 

Yogurt, Blueberry & Cranberry Ice Pops

Eggplant purple

Grilled on the BBQ, eggplants become tender and can be prepared a thousand and one different ways! As an appetizer, side dish, or main meal, this veggie pairs perfectly with cheese, tomatoes, and Middle Eastern spices. For an original recipe, try serving them with grilled green onions and this red pepper-almond sauce. Amazing!

Impress your guests with these Provençale-inspired grilled eggplant stacks! Between each layer of eggplant, add tomatoes, garlic blossoms, fresh basil, and of course, Quebec cheese! You can opt for firm, semi-firm, or soft cheeses—there are so many delicious Quebec cheeses to choose from! 

Grilled Eggplant Stacks