A successful BBQ featuring local products

A successful BBQ featuring local products

Here’s how to integrate seasonal Quebec products to your feast!

There’s no better way to bring out flavours than using your grill. Marinated meats, skewered seafood and veggies, and even sausages, all have their place on your BBQ menu. And you can stand in solidarity with local companies by buying Quebec products available at your grocery store

Spotlight on veggies!

The shelves are finally lined with beautiful, colourful vegetables, such as asparagus, radishes, and lettuces. Available year round, you’ll find potatoes and onions alongside various harvest vegetables, including cucumbers, tomatoes, and Boston lettuce. Enjoy!

The best way to release all the vegetable flavours is to prepare them en papillote, skewered, or, if they are large enough, directly on the grill. Asparagus, for example, are delicious after a few minutes on the grill, with some oil, salt, and pepper. Add your spices—thyme, rosemary, oregano, whatever you like—after cooking. You can also add lemon juice, flavoured salt, or even your favourite dressing

Go for a classic Quebec meat

Everyone knows that hamburgers on the BBQ never go out of style! Make them yourself with Boeuf Québec lean ground beef patties. For a more rounded meal, think Saint-Louis-style pork side ribs by BBQ Québec, already marinated and ready for the grill. And last but not least, if Italian sausages are your thing, you’ll love Stefano’s version. They’re just right!

Let’s get saucy!

Marinades and sauces add a little oomph to your grilled food. If you want to make your own, try using camelina oil, a 100% local alternative to olive oil. For an already-made option, look for the “Aliments préparés au Québec” logo to help you support local companies. 

Keep it light with fish and seafood

Scallops and white fish are delicious when skewered with veggies and a tart marinade. Josée Di Stasio has a great recipe for crispy fish brochettes served with chips and a fresh tzatziki sauce. On the BBQ, fish needs to be grilled quickly, or it will lose its tenderness! 

Cooking fish en papillote also brings out the flavours. In a pinch? Try a pre-made dish, like La Fisherie’s seafood pizza. It’s quick and delish!

Tasty vegetarian options . . . from here!

Marinated tofu is an excellent choice, but you can take your BBQ up a notch with some of the various vegetarian products that have emerged in recent years. Get inspired by the variety of flavours. The Vegeat plant-based ground protein can be shaped into patties to make a tasty, perfectly textured veggie burger. Also available as patties, this vegan protein is perfect for chili and Sloppy Joes. For sausages, opt for Gusta. These wheat-based sausages come in a variety of delicious flavours (pesto, forestiere, Italian, etc.) and cook nicely on the grill.