Apple desserts for every occasion

Apple desserts for every occasion

Everyone looks forward to apple-picking season, and it only lasts a short period of time. You can, however, make the fun last longer at home, with delicious apple desserts. Whether you’re doing it to make someone happy, to impress your guests, or simply for a quick, healthy weekday option, here are a few staple apple desserts and some tips and tricks to remind you of the joys of apples!

1- Scrumptious apple cake

This recipe is easy to make, and the perfect accompaniment for your afternoon coffee or weekend brunch. This apple and sugar-cinnamon cake with sweetened sour cream is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s not too heavy, and you’ll love its moist texture. Plus, the sweet cinnamon balances perfectly with the tartness of the apples.

Tips and tricks:

Ideally, prepare this cake the night before so it can keep its shape. Have you heard of the classic mayo cake? This version is made lighter thanks to the sour cream and yogurt. However, if you feel like trying a richer option, replace these ingredients with mayonnaise. For a more pronounced vanilla flavour, swap the cinnamon sugar blend for vanilla sugar instead. Look for it in the spice section.

2- Crispy apple pizza

Dessert is a much-anticipated crescendo to a meal, and it can be a topic of discussion with your guests. If you choose to make apple the star of the show, this is the perfect opportunity to try something other than the classic apple pie! This crispy apple pizza is on point: it’s a feast for the eyes and rich in flavours.

Tips and tricks:

Not sure which apple variety to choose for your dessert? Place the apple slices into a microwave-safe dish and cover with saran wrap. After about 1 ½ minutes of cooking, check whether or not the apples keep their shape. Gala apples are a little firmer, and ideal for this dessert. Fan the slices out all around the pie. Serve the leftovers in a bowl with ice cream and nougat pieces.

[image recette pizza aux pommes]

Crispy apple pizza

3- Apple crisp

Apples bring comfort and hold a special place in our hearts. This popular recipe is no exception, and its smell is sure to bring back fond childhood memories. The crumble is easy to make and can also be served as a snack. With less sugar, you can even have it for breakfast! Plus, you can double up the recipe and freeze it. It’s definitely an easy dessert to make as a family!

Tips and tricks:

The perfect apple crisp is usually served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! If you want to change things up, try serving it with a blend of cream cheese, whipped cream, and brown sugar. To the pleasure of young and old alike, add other types of nuts, like almonds or hazelnuts, for added protein, and swap the brown sugar for maple syrup. Simply delectable!

4- Cinnamon apple muesli jars

Looking for a healthy dessert that’s easy to make and can quickly be prepared the night before for lunch the next day? These mini homemade cinnamon apple muesli jars offer just that. Eating healthier can sometimes be challenging if you feel like you’re compromising on taste. However, with its variety of ingredients, this dessert is as flavourful as can be, and can easily be made vegan. Simply replace the dairy yogurt with a soy option, and if you want a wheat-free option, use quinoa instead of oats.

Tips and tricks:

Lobo apples are great for this dessert, as they tend to keep their shape when cooked. For this recipe, the “chunky” apples create an interesting texture contrast with the yogurt and muesli. For maximum flavour, prepare the caramelized apples 24 hours beforehand and store them in the fridge to let them fully absorb the brown sugar and cinnamon.

Mini Homemade Cinnamon Apple Muesli Jars

5- Apple mille-feuilles

Everyone is familiar with the traditional mille-feuilles made with cream and custard, and this apple mille-feuilles is a nod to the classic pastry we all know and love, but with your favourite fall fruit. This dessert is super easy to make with the kids and can be prepared ahead of time. The tartness of the apple combined with the flaky pastry create a surprising yet delicious contrast. Don’t expect any leftovers!

Tips and tricks:

For this recipe, coarsely chop Mcintosh apples to preserve their generous juices. Double up the syrup and keep the surplus to drizzle over ice cream, for another delicious dessert in a snap. For a crispier pastry that retains the juices, sprinkle with wheat semolina mixed with a little sugar, and voilà!

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