Barbecue season is back


When you think barbecue, you think of sun-filled days and casual dinners. The barbecue is also a source of happiness around the table, with classics everyone loves: burgers, steaks, skewered marinated tofu, fish en papillote, grilled veggies. A world of possibilities for simple, mouth-watering dishes!

Discover the art of grilling with our cooking tips, fabulous local product suggestions, and tips to turn your grill master game up a notch!

Consider the cooking type: direct or indirect


1. Preheat the barbecue
Turn your barbecue on about 15 minutes before cooking to rid the grill of any residue and burn any grease build-up.

2. Clean and oil the grillClean the BBQ grill before each use. An eco-friendly, aromatic trick: use half an onion! Cut the onion in half and slide it on the grill using thongs. You can also use a metal-free scrubbing brush. Once your grill is clean, pass a well-oiled paper towel over it.

3. Consider the cooking type: direct or indirect
It’s important for you to know your barbecue’s cooking zones. Keep in mind that direct heat is used to mark and grill food quickly, with direct contact over the flames. Steaks, for example are perfect for this very intense heat. Once the meat has been browned, you can continue cooking over indirect heat.
Indirect heat is used for slow cooking, on a part of the grill away from the flames, with the barbecue lid down. A whole chicken, sausages, or brisket (Texan-style smoked beef brisket) are perfect for this slower cooking style.

4. Grill it, don’t burn it!
To prevent your food from burning, remove the larger pieces of fat around your piece of meat. For marinated meat, take the time to drain them before placing them on the grill.
What can you do with your leftover marinade? If you want to use it as your gravy, you absolutely must boil it at least 10 minutes. You can also double up your marinade recipe, setting some aside that won’t come into contact with the meat to use as your gravy.

5. Turn over once
For tender, flavourful meat that is grilled to perfection, avoid turning the piece of meat or skewers several times. Let them get those gorgeous grill marks and a nice caramelization before flipping to the other side.

6. Let it sit
Remove the meat from the grill about five degrees from achieving the desired doneness, and let it sit on aluminum foil for 5 to 10 minutes. This technique allows the cooking juices to spread and ensures your meat stays juicy. For a rare or medium doneness, this will prevent lots of blood in the plate when cutting.


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Quebec pork also has a delicious selection of cuts for the barbecue. Think of flank pieces that can be grilled after having been gently braised or slow-cooked.

Our beer ribs with BBQ sauce, for instance, are always a hit! Another easy, inexpensive option: pork tenderloin with grilled corn salsa. This is one of the most tender cuts of pork, and it works well with a variety of marinades, like honey, soya sauce, curry. Finally, because they are so juicy, bone-in pork chops are great on the grill. And keep it colourful with a side of avocado and grilled corn salsa!

Looking for a super practical solution? Why not try our delicious ready-to-cook products, like a marinated salmon filet, skewered shrimp, or honey-Dijon pork kefta. Indulge in our unique, entirely cooked ribs prepared according to BBQ Québec’s Lavoie brothers’ recipe. Twice as meaty and super tasty with their Kansas spices, you’ll want to eat them again and again!


  1. Wet or dry marinades for added flavour! The dry marinade principle is fairly simple: create your own blend of spices and coat your meat, fish, or tofu with it before cooking. This will add both texture and flavour. You can also add citrus zest, crushed nuts, or brown sugar to your mixture. For a meal ready in minutes, marinate your meats with Ricardo sauces, like his delicious butter chicken cooking sauce. Yum!
  2. Original grills: For a simple, refreshing dessert, why not try fruits on the barbecue, like grilled fruit with mascarpone cream? On the savoury side, you can try this new take on an age-old classic: Caesar salad with grilled Romaine lettuce. You can also serve a cheese you can grill, like haloumi, flavoured with a garden pesto. Looking for a challenge? Try making a barbecued fruit pie or pizza!
  3. Camping at home: Break from routine and fire up the grill… for breakfast! Set the patio table and enjoy eggs, bacon and toasts on the barbecue. You can use muffin tins to cook your eggs, enhanced with shredded cheese and diced red peppers. Your eggs will be ready in two minutes flat!
  4. Trendy barbecue: Impress your guests with a Brazilian-style barbecue that includes beef, ribs, and flattened chicken. Use a dry marinade with orange and oregano flavours… everyone is sure to love it! If you’re a fan of flattened chicken, you should try the yogurt and dill marinade, or for an easier option, go for the already-prepared Portuguese flattened chicken.