Best foodie activities for Spring Break

Best foodie activities for Spring Break

By Geneviève O’Gleman, nutritionist,

Are you looking for great ideas for activities to do over the Spring Break? Why not do a home-style culinary day camp with your little ones? This activity will stimulate their creativity and boost their self-confidence. Children take great pride in completing each step of a recipe.

Invite your kids’ friends over to form the best cooking team in town! Choose a recipe that is easy and original. It has to grab their attention and make them discover something new.

I have a recipe that is perfect for your home-style culinary day camp: chocolate hummus (hyperlink)! This sweet dip filled with proteins will be an instant success and will please every sweet tooth.

Grab all the ingredients (you probably already have them in your kitchen), form teams and get ready for a friendly competition! Each team has to create the best presentation possible.

For older kids, transform your day camp into a culinary TV show that you film with your cellphone. They will love to dress up as a Chef and tell the viewers how to make the recipe. Playback the video when they are done and enjoy watching them laugh!

The second challenge focuses on creativity. Every little cook has to make a fruit platter by cutting and positioning their favourite fruits on the plate. They can make an original colourful mountain or even a dog sleeping under the sun. May the most beautiful fruit platter win!

It’s now time to determine who is the big winner of the competition! You can choose the prize you want to give away. It can be a diploma, a chef’s hat, a big hug, a break from the dishes or a round of applause.

One thing for sure, you will have a memorable moment with your kids! I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask you to do it again sometime soon!