Delicious BBQ sides

Delicious BBQ sides and our collaborators’ top picks

BBQ season is in full swing . . . and our favourite grilled dishes deserve to be paired with some star sides! Read on to discover some simple and succulent side ideas, as well as our collaborators’ top picks.

Whether you prefer grilled meat, fish, seafood, or tofu, veggie sides are filling patio tables everywhere. We have loads of great recipes to share with you, starting with fresh summer salads.

Successful salads

Starting with your favourite lettuce and vegetables, you can build a yummy salad to pair with all your summer meals.

A great example is this recipe for grilled corn salad. Everyone loves barbecued corn! Here we’ve combined it with quinoa, peppers, Brussels sprouts, and feta! The lime and honey dressing adds the perfect touch of sweetness to this festive salad.

You can also choose to add grilled fruit to your salad, like in this grilled peach and halloumi salad, drizzled with a light dressing made with lemon juice, fresh thyme, and honey. Everyone knows the sweet-and-salty combo is a winner! Or opt for this warm grilled plum and nectarine salad, made with baby spinach and feta—as colourful as it is delicious.

You can even transform your salads into . . . skewers! You’ll love this recipe for grilled Candi-To and Zima tomato and cheese brochettes on a bed of arugula. The Candi-To’s round shape and the Zima’s more oval one are perfect for skewering!

Vibrant veggies

Peppers, mushrooms, zucchinis, asparagus . . . some vegetables just go hand-in-hand with the BBQ. We’ve come up with some new culinary creations for you to try with the abundance of in-season vegetables available in your grocery store.

Start with this delicious recipe for grilled multi-coloured radishes. When cooked, a radish loses some of its spiciness. Plus, the subtle lemon juice and maple vinaigrette used in this recipe is divine!

One vegetable that’s gaining in BBQ popularity is the cauliflower . . . and we couldn’t be more thrilled! It can be grilled whole, like in this barbecued cauliflower recipe! Simply brush a mixture of olive oil, steak spices, minced garlic, mustard, maple syrup, and citrus juice on your cauliflower and set on the grill to cook! Or try this delicious recipe for sliced cauliflower steak. Topped with almonds, Kalamata olives, parsley, capers, and chili peppers, it’s the ideal dish to serve at your next BBQ party with family and friends!

Fennel is yet another great vegetable for grilling. Slice it lengthwise, keeping the heart intact to prevent the bulb from falling apart. . . it’s as simple as that! Try our yummy recipe for grilled fennel with dill and pink pepper-infused oil. A dish that’s pretty and delish!

Some grill masters even go so far as to grill avocados on the BBQ! For a dish sure to impress your guests, try making these grilled avocados with cilantro-jalapeno vinaigrette.

Our collaborators’ top picks Recreate our collaborators’ favourite BBQ side dishes

Marilou – TFPJ

Whenever I barbecue, my favourite side to make is a huge platter of grilled vegetables with Cajun mayo. It’s easy and so delicious! I toss zucchini chunks and colourful peppers together, and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Then I grill them over high heat and place them on a pretty platter when done. Next, I combine a bit of mayonnaise with store-bought Cajun spices and top the veggies with a few dollops of the spicy mayo. It’s a work of art and pairs perfectly with meat and seafood.

Stefano Faita

Creamy macaroni salad

I love this salad!
First off, because it’s a hit every time. Everyone loves it—kids and adults alike! It’s the perfect dish to bring to a picnic with family or friends, or to serve as a side at your BBQ get-togethers. It’s creamy and uncomplicated. Start by cooking your Stefano macaroni pasta. Once cooked, drain and set aside to chill. In a bowl, combine hard-boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, green onions, peas, and the secret ingredient: crunchy pickles. Coat in a mixture of mayonnaise, lemon juice, crispy pancetta, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then add in your cooked pasta. Let all the flavours marinate for 15 minutes and there you have it! You can even prepare it a few hours, and up to day, ahead. Perfect, right?

Geneviève O’Gleman

I love vegetables grilled on the BBQ! I place a baking sheet directly on the grill and add whatever vegetables I have on hand. It’s the perfect method for using up all of your leftover vegetables you don’t want to see go to waste! Peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, onions, carrots, fennel, Swiss chard . . . anything goes. Just chop up your veggie selection, drizzle with olive oil, and place on your baking sheet. Stir occasionally and once thoroughly cooked, toss with whatever spices you feel like: tex-mex, Cajun, Moroccan, Italian, Zaatar. Sometimes I even add a handful of halloumi cheese to the mix . . . it’s delish!

Christian Bégin

And what’s better than a potato side with your burger or grilled dish. And we’re not talking just any potato here, but the Gabrielle potato! A real local gem! Quickly blanched, sliced in half lengthwise, cooked flesh-side down in a well-oiled and buttered skillet, with finely chopped grey shallots, caramelized in maple syrup, lemon, salt and pepper. And a big handful of chopped fresh oregano or sage… and a rosé from Quebec (Domaine Bergeville). You’ve got it all right here!