Eat more fruits and vegetables, one portion at a time, one meal at a time

Eat more fruits and vegetables, one portion at a time, one meal at a time!

Are you looking for new ideas to add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet? Read on; we have many tips for you. To eat more veggies, you have to buy more (it goes without saying!) and add some in each of your daily meals. Go gradually and most of all, don’t forget that there are many ways to enjoy them: fresh, frozen, in soups or salads, raw or cooked.


Start off the day with a glass of 100% pure fruit juice. Half a cup (125 ml) is one serving. You can easily take a second serving of fruit by adding blueberries (125 ml) to oatmeal, topping cereals with a sliced banana or mixing 60 ml dried cranberries with yogurt. A smoothie is perfect if you have less appetite in the morning. You can even make it the day before. One or two servings are equivalent to 125 to 250 ml of fruits (fresh, frozen or canned).

Morning snack

Did you miss out on fruit this morning? Get a fruit snack! You can also eat crudités, like carrots with a slice of cheddar, vegetable juice with non-salted almonds or broccoli florets with hummus. The best way to have a snack on hand is to stock up on ready-to-eat veggies. As soon as you get back from the supermarket, cut your carrots and celeries into sticks, make strips of peppers of all colours and cut your cauliflower.


You should eat at least one serving of fruit and vegetables for lunch. You can have one or more servings by eating crudités (125 ml = 1 serving) with your sandwich or by packing it with greens, tomatoes or thinly sliced cucumbers. Salads and soups (250 ml = 1 serving) make the perfect appetizers at restaurants. Try drinking vegetable juice (125 ml = 1 serving) instead of a soft drink and prepare a delicious dish salad (which can easily make three servings) to go with it.

Fruits can be added to all kinds of salads. Try strawberries and cantaloupe in an arugula salad, dried apricots in a salmon couscous salad or green apples in a chicken and pasta salad. Add more flavour to your sandwiches with slices of avocado, apple or pear (delicious with a chicken and goat cheese sandwich). Then serve naturally sweet fruit for a tasty dessert, like juicy slices of melon.

Afternoon snack

Fruits or vegetables? It depends on what you've eaten so far! Keep nutritious snacks in your desk drawer, like dried fruit with or without mixed nuts, fruit purée with no added sugar or 100% fruit bars with no additives or sugar. They are the perfect options for your sugar cravings and will stop you from going to the vending machine.


You want to eat as many vegetables as possible for dinner! Gradually increase your portion to eventually fill a third of your plate, ideally half of it. Vegetables should take more place on your plate than your meat or fish. Stir-fried, au gratin, baked, steamed or barbecued, there are many ways to serve vegetables, making it easy to eat more. If you eat pasta, add them to your sauce or make a side of salad. Soups are also a great way to fill up on vegetables. Remember that 250 ml is equal to two servings of vegetables.

There are many ideas to help you eat more fruits and vegetables daily. Visit the TIPS section of to fill up on healthy food!

Eat more fruits and vegetables, one portion at a time, one meal at a time