Fish and seafood: a 100% bbq summer


This summer, make room on your plate for fish and seafood! To enjoy the sunny days to the max, dust off your BBQ and get ready to prepare a royal seafood feast. We’ve got tons of original recipes and delicious ready-to-cook options, available at your IGA fish counter.

Argentinian shrimp skewers, haddock en papillote, tuna steaks, and even seafood pizza . . . add a dash of colour and flavour to your BBQ this summer!

New ready-to-cook options!

For those last-minute suppers or to discover new flavours, your IGA fish counter is filled with tasty surprises! Get inspired by our perfectly seasoned and marinated fish and seafood to create a menu that’s restaurant-worthy. These products are sure to become your new BBQ go-tos!

New marinades: maple-lemon, maple-ponzu, and chimichurri

Ideal for express meals and rich in flavour, these marinades do a great job of elevating your salmon or trout fillets, or shrimp and tuna skewers.

New cheddar-bacon salmon tournedos

In the mood for a gourmet, yet simple, dinner? These top-quality salmon tournedos, stuffed with cheese and bacon, have everything it takes to satisfy even the biggest appetites. Simply wrap them in aluminum paper or arrange them en papillote and grill on the BBQ over medium-high heat for a few minutes. That’s it!

Star sides

Here are a few side-dish ideas to serve with your grilled fish and seafood:

Incredible tuna steaks

A tuna steak grilled on the BBQ is always delicious! For an exotic touch, serve your steak with pineapple salsa and grilled Asian veggies. Jalapeno peppers, fresh cilantro, and lime will whisk your taste buds away! Discover our succulent recipe for tuna steak with pineapple and cucumber salsa.

Star sides

For a memorable meal, serve your tuna steak with a side of basmati rice topped with candied cherry tomatoes and toasted sliced almonds. Sublime!

Tips for thawing tuna steaks

  • Do not thaw fish and seafood at room temperature—this method will cause bacteria on the surface to multiply.
  • Two safe options: thaw in the fridge or in a container immersed in water that is 21°C or less, making sure the fish or seafood is completely submerged. 
darne de thon

Pretty papillotes

Papillotes are a great way to cook white fish with a more delicate flesh. You can also add vegetables and aromatics to your papillotes, for an easy and delicious all-in-one meal!

Winning combos for cod or haddock papillotes

Fennel + red peppers + chives

Tomatoes + baby potatoes + onions + herbes de provence

Chili powder + lime + jalapenos

Tips and tricks for perfect BBQ papillotes

  • Always use aluminum foil.
  • To prevent the papillotes from piercing or tearing, use two layers of aluminum foil.
  • To prevent your ingredients from sticking to the foil, add a bit of butter or oil. For fish, add a square of parchment paper between the fish and the two layers of aluminum foil.
  • Place your fish and aromatics on one half of the aluminum foil and fold the other half over. Close the papillote by folding the foil over itself.

Argentinian shrimp: succulent skewers!

With their pretty pink colour and slightly sweet flavours reminiscent of lobster, it’s no surprise that Argentinian shrimp are so popular! To enjoy them, simply marinate them for 30 minutes, slide them onto a skewer and grill on the BBQ a few minutes each side!

Three fresh ideas for outdoor dining:

  • Serve your grilled shrimp skewers at happy hour, with a side of spicy mayo, cilantro and lime yogurt, or guacamole.
  • Add them to a salad with grapefruit, avocado, and dill, or pineapple, orange, and kernel corn, like our delicious recipe for Californian shrimp salad.
  • In the mood for a cocktail dinner? Why not! Garnish your Bloody Caesar with red curry shrimp brochettes. 

Seafood pizza on the BBQ

A new product—available exclusively at IGA—that you’ll definitely want to try at your next BBQ party! Topped with scallops, shrimp, and crab, this pizza is guaranteed to bring a dose of freshness to your menu. Serve it with a classic Cesar salad or a mache, asparagus, pea, and shallot salad.

Refer to the BBQ cooking chart for our ready-to-cook products.