Go green at home, on Earth Day and every day

April 22 is international Earth Day, but we can all do our part to celebrate and protect our planet every day. Try adopting these eco-friendly habits at home, today and all year long

1- Eat local

Shop local to do your part for the planet, eat fresh ingredients and support your local farmers.

The benefits of eating local:

  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions: local products have to travel far less than imported ones;
  • Supporting local growers: buying local is an especially important sign of solidarity during these difficult times.

Try Stefano Faita’s cuban-style BBQ pork loin recipe made with pork from Quebec!

2- Choose seasonal ingredients

Seasonal produce is fresher, tastier and more nutritious. Plus locally-grown food has to travel less and is exposed to fewer pesticides than important food.

Quebec greenhouse growers have abundant harvests in April and May, so this is the perfect time to fill your carts with their fruits and veggies! Give this fresh cucumber salad a try for the perfect seasonal dish.

3- Reduce food waste

Did you know that 58% of food in Canada is thrown away along the food chain?

Tips to reduce food waste at home:

  • Repurpose leftovers: try making a broth with leftover veggies from dinner, for example;
  • Get creative in the kitchen: instead of throwing old fruits and veggies away, turn them into fruit compotes or vegetable soups;
  • Freeze and keep your food fresh;
  • Get recipe inspiration from resources like À vos frigos (check out their blog and Facebook page);
  • Try this kitchen sink hamburger vegetable soup recipe made with leftovers from your fridge.

4- Eat more plant-based food

Livestock accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouses gas emissions and 63% of deforestation in the Amazon, and is responsible for over-consumption of water and soil depletion.

To reduce these negative environmental impacts, try to eat more plant-based meals, replacing meat with ingredients like tempeh, tofu and lentils. Here’s a delicious tofu bowl with peanut sauce to get you started!

5- Reduce your plastic consumption

Opt for reusable cups, straws, bags and containers to reduce your single-use plastic consumption where possible. It may be more of a challenge during the current crisis, but these items are important when it comes to adopting a zero-waste lifestyle.

The Earth Day blog is a great source of inspiration if you’re looking to change your habits, like this article on environmental actions you can do at home.

Happy Earth Day!