How to stay hydrated in style this summer


To enjoy summer to the max, it’s important to stay hydrated—which of course you can do with good old water.

However, there are other, more delicious ways to stay hydrated. Cocktails contain alcohol, which can actually dehydrate you, but non-alcoholic beverages, or mocktails, are a thirst-quenching alternative you’re sure to love.

Here are few mockail suggestions guaranteed to quench your thirst and have the whole family asking for a refill!

1. Citrus cool

Treat yourself to a refreshing homemade beverage such as lemonade soda. Mix citrus syrups with tonic in a tall glass filled with ice. Garnish with an orange slice and a fresh sprig of thyme.

For a ready-to-drink alternative, opt for the authentic taste of Sensations Pink Grapefruit Italian Soda or Traditions Lemonade. 

Add a touch of summer to your drink by serving it in a pretty glass decorated with a festive parasol.

Lemonade Soda

2. Bubbly-o-clock

Bubbly is the perfect drink to serve at all your summer brunches—it’s celebratory and refreshing!

Try making a batch of this spicy sparkling grapefruit beverage. You’ll love the pleasant mix of star anise, cardamom, nutmeg, grapefruit juice, and alcohol-free sparkling apple juice.

3. A wave of freshness

Citrus, melon, and cucumber are summer musts—they’re delicious, packed with vitamins, and help keep you hydrated. 

Add a few slices to your ice water or whip up a batch of this honeydew and cucumber mocktail. It’s as good as any alcoholic drink, with refined and refreshing flavours of honeydew melon and cucumber. 

Another refreshing option is Loop juice. Made from imperfect fruits and vegetables, these juices are packed with vitamins and flavour. Pour into a glass or drink straight from the bottle!

4. Colourful and revitalizing

Sometimes all a drink needs is a splash of colour!

Try making this sparkling pomegranate and ginger cocktail—it’s as elegant as it is tasty. Once combined with lemon soda, the colourful simple syrup used in this recipe gives your drink an air of sophistication. Serve it in tall glasses to really highlight the pretty gradation. 

Another great idea: pour Tonic 1642 into a glass filled with Nutra-Fruit sugar-free cranberry juice for a simple and delicious patio beverage! 

Sparkling Pomegranate & Ginger Cocktail

5. Melon madness

Seedless watermelon: another summer must!

In addition to enjoying them as-is, you can also use them to make refreshing summer beverages, such as this watermelon and mint mocktail by Trois fois par jour. Ready in just 5 minutes, we’re willing to bet this’ll become your new favourite drink!

Discover Trois fois par jour’s Marilou’s top tips for enjoying watermelon a thousand and one different ways!

6. Tea time

Whether it’s to start your day, pair with a picnic, or simply to help unwind, tea is a summertime favourite!

Try this easy-to-make lemon-ginger iced tea featuring black tea. Just add a few ice cubes and some fresh mint leaves to your freshly brewed tea and enjoy!

For a caffeine-free alternative, swap the black tea for a citrus herbal tea.