Local products: how and why to adopt them on the daily

Local products: how and why to adopt them on the daily

It’s decided—you’re joining the Buy Local movement! You’re motivated, but unsure how and where to start—it feels like a veritable treasure hunt! But what treasures are you hunting for, exactly? All the products made right here in Quebec; little local jewels that are becoming more and more present on supermarket shelves.

These days, every little action helps support the local economy, and making small changes to the things you buy can make a huge difference. And there’s no need to completely uproot your habits to achieve this. Here are a few simple actions you can start taking today.

Buying local 101

  • Swap a few of your regular grocery store items whose provenance was never really a priority for you, for Quebec-made products. Cheeses, sauces, and jams are all great places to start.
  • Take the time to do a little research on your grocery store’s website and familiarize yourself with a product’s label: its ingredients, where it’s made, and if it features the Aliments du Québec logo.
  • Challenge yourself the next time you’re buying groceries: reserve a section of your cart exclusively for new Quebec discoveries!

No matter the strategy you adopt, your grocery list is bound to become a gourmet list . . . filled with delicious Quebec-made products!

5 good reasons to buy local

As you undoubtedly already know, the benefits of buying local are many. And it might even make grocery shopping more pleasant! You’re bound to have fun searching for Quebec-made products and will definitely feel a sense of pride at participating in such a worthy movement. So what advantages, exactly, are we referring to?

  1. Simplicity: because it’s a simple way of helping the local economy, and is something everyone can do at their own pace.
  2. Solidarity: to support and encourage local producers who are experiencing unprecedented hard times and need us to help get them through this.
  3. Proximity: because it’s better to opt for products that haven’t travelled thousands of kilometres to get here and that have a smaller ecological footprint.
  4. Pride: at having selected unique, local products grown and manufactured by passionate people!
  5. Variety: by adopting local products, you’ll learn new ways of cooking and appreciate the delicious local colours and flavours on your plate!

Distinguished local products

Grocery store shelves are brimming with great local products; let your curiosity and appetite for discovery guide you. Look for a “made in Quebec” label and add it to your cart! Brands, the Aliments du Québec logo, provenance of main ingredients, and country of production are just a few things to consider when choosing a product.

Dairy products

Love Camembert? Have you tried the Riopelle de l’Isle from the l’Île-aux-Grues cheese factory? All Quebec cheeses—especially goat, blue, and raclette—are delicious. Same thing goes for our wide variety of locally produced yogurt.


When it comes to local meat, the selection is practically endless! Top-quality cuts from Bœuf Québec, Volailles des Cantons, or porc du Québec (all internationally renowned!) are just a few incredible options. Let yourself be tempted by Stefano’s Italian sausages, perfect for family dinner, or Pork Shop charcuteries, ideal for happy hour.

Fish and seafood

For a touch of something new and fresh, take advantage of the limitless imagination of Quebec fish and seafood producers. The whole family is sure to love the smoked salmon from Fumoirs Gosselin or the crabmeat from Fruits de mer du Québec, perfect for making a seafood salad! Or opt for Sushis à la maison products—they’re great for making poke bowls, tartars, and sushi!

Ready-to-eats and ready-to-cooks

Dreaming of rich and creamy pasta dishes? Opt for a delicious jar of Mikes signature sauce, an IGA exclusive!

Reinventing the classics is simple and quick. Looking for an easy dinner hack? Try Ricardo’s cooking sauces—they add flavour to any dish! Here’s a great idea for tonight’s dinner: BBQ Shepard’s pie!

You can also check out dishes by The Buddhist Chef, plant-based Vegeat products, delicious LOOP smoothies, or sweet treats from Chocolats Favoris... the options are endless!

Fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs

With spring comes fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables—adding a burst of local colour and flavour to our grocery store shelves! Plus, because many varieties (think lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, etc.) are grown in greenhouses, you can enjoy them year-round

Joining the local movement is sure to transform your grocery store outings into gourmet adventures and allow you to discover and enjoy local flavours in every bite! So come on—join us now and change your habits forever!