Recreate the sugar shack experience at home

Recreate the sugar shack experience at home

Sugar shack season is back, and that makes everyone happy! This year, why not enjoy the tradition from the comfort of your own home? Get inspired by our tips and tricks for recreating an inviting sugar shack ambience, and get ready to load your table with your family’s favourite treats!

Creton, bacon, omelettes, potatoes, sausages in syrup, pouding chômeur, and of course, maple taffy; you won’t forget a thing thanks to our recipes and product suggestions!

Maple syrup mania

Maple syrup mania

Some people make pancakes just so that they can drown them in this, while others use it in basically everything: in vinaigrettes, on chicken thighs, even in cocktails! We’re talking about maple syrup, of course! A Quebec classic we’re most definitely proud of. An exceptional product, maple adds a touch of magic to any dish, and sugaring off season is the perfect time to celebrate it in all its tasteful glory!

Sugar shacks have always known how to exploit this one-of-a-kind ingredient by featuring it in a wide variety of sweet and savoury dishes, all more delicious than the next. Versatile, maple syrup was the inspiration behind many of our favourite classics, such as maple syrup grandfathers, maple-glazed ham, baked beans, pouding chômeur, and taffy. Not to mention all the maple-derived products like maple butter and maple sugar. There are so many mouth-watering options to choose from . . . you’re sure to please all your guests!

Want even more gourmet maple ideas? How about French toast slathered in maple butter or waffles topped with maple sugar Chantilly cream?

Make maple syrup the star of the show with our recipe suggestions

Discover our maple taffy recipe, as well as our sausages in syrup recipe, perfect for sugar shack season! And don’t forget one of the most popular desserts ever: pouding chômeur!

Bring tradition back to the table

Sugaring off season just wouldn’t be the same without the typical maple syrup menu we’ve grown to know and love. To recreate a similar menu at home, all you need to do is put together a spread of everyone’s favourites: creton, pea soup, baked beans, pork rinds, ham, bacon, omelettes, potatoes, coleslaw, and a few preserves.

You can choose to prepare these traditional dishes yourself, or take a few shortcuts and purchase some of our top-quality products.
To avoid any last-minute stress, know that most of these dishes can be prepared ahead of time. For example, once you’ve cooked your maple-glazed ham, you can slice it and store it in the fridge. The day of your get-together, simply heat up the slices and sauce in a large pan set over low heat. You can also set aside a few slices of ham to add to your pea soup . . . super practical!

Making pancakes for several people can be long and laborious. Our recipe for oven-baked pancakes is an easy and efficient way to feed a crowd! By preparing your batter the night before, all you’ll have left to do is bake it 15 minutes in the oven, then top with fresh fruits and serve!

Calling all sweet tooths!

Calling all sweet tooths!

The key to a successful at-home sugar shack? An abundance of maple desserts! To accomplish this mission happily and easily, put the whole family to work. The kids are bound to want to help you make all kinds of maple treats. Whether it’s homemade maple cookies, a mille-crêpes cake, or maple cupcakes, they’ll be thrilled to join the party and add their own personal touch to the dishes! Why not give our maple and cranberry biscotti recipe a try? 

Another great idea for adding a touch of magic to your DIY sugar cabin? A dessert table! If you’re short on time or you’re just not much of a baker, we have a vast selection of treats that will please anyone with a sweet tooth. Classics like sugar pie, Beauceron maple cake, and maple cream pastries will steal the show!

Finally, if you feel like preparing a dessert that’s original and delicious, try maple fondue. Easy to make, you can serve it with fresh fruit, cubes of sponge cake, and plain donuts.


Here are a few ideas to help you throw a successful “sugar shack” party:

Tire sirop

Honour tradition and finish the meal with maple taffy on snow! You can use the snow on your balcony on in your backyard. If you don’t have any snow, crush a large quantity of ice and place it in a Pyrex-type dish. Then, pour the taffy over top and pass out those Popsicle sticks!

Bouteille de Sirop

Just a few decorations suffice to create a sugar shack ambience. Opt for a chequered tablecloth, Mason jars, maple syrup cans emptied and cleaned to store your utensils, cloth napkins . . . and of course, a traditional sugar shack playlist!


Sugar shacks are always warm and welcoming. Recreate this festive ambience by involving your guests when it comes to the menu. Ask everyone to bring a traditional dish, for a spread that’ll rival even the best sugar shack out there!


Are some of your guests vegetarians? Offer meat alternatives, such as millet pie, pea and vegetable soup, veggie creton, and maple-smoked tofu. Just as delicious as the original versions!