Simple, refreshing summer meals


Who feels like spending time slaving away in the kitchen in the smoldering summer heat? The rising temperatures open the door to simple, refreshing recipes, with minimal cooking required. Enjoy happy hour on the terrace, eating some bite-sized appetizers or sharing some delicious dishes featuring some seasonal products.

From taco salad to watermelon pizza to chicken toast and sushi poke bowls, our summer recipes are nothing short of mouth-watering!


Eating light and munching on a variety of foods is perfect for a hot, summer day. Set a casual table in which everyone can choose what they like. For example, you can have a platter of local deli meats, with pickles, olives, chutney, and hot mustard. On another platter, offer a selection of Quebec cheeses with crackers, baguette slices, nuts, and fresh and dried fruit. You can also create a seafood-themed platter, with gravlax, trout rillettes, tuna tataki, and honey smoked salmon, accompanied with lemon wedges, capers, and bagel chips. A tray of fresh crudités with a homemade dip is also always much appreciated!


The savoury tartine concept is very simple: take a toasted slice of bread and top it with whatever you like. And just like that, you can have a meal ready in a snap, using whatever ingredients you have on hand! For more flavour and texture, spread some pureed veggies or legumes onto your toast (avocado-sour cream, beet-goat cheese, chickpeas-lemon). Next, add seasonal ingredients, like tomato and cucumber slices, asparagus, Matane shrimp, or grilled eggplants. You can try a cold version, like our chicken, asparagus, and avocado cream recipe, or hot, with bacon, leek, and melted cheese.


Set the patio table, open up the umbrella, and impress your guests with this appetizer: a watermelon pizza topped with Kalamata olives, goat cheese, fresh basil, and red onions. The sweet-and-savoury combo is simply irresistible! A little tip from the pros to mellow out the taste of the red onion: after finely slicing it, let it soak in an ice water bowl for at least 30 minutes. With no cooking required and ready in just five minutes, this pizza will soon become a refreshing fave during those heat waves.


Who can resist a sushi pizza? A crispy fried rice base, with generous, top-quality seafood or raw fish toppings. You simply can’t go wrong! For a chic, stress-free evening, get ready-made fried rice sushi pizza base and pre-cut salmon tartare. Season the salmon with your favourite ingredients: citrus zest, fresh herbs, mango, green apple, or Espelette peppers. You can add avocado slices, some spicy mayo, and Japanese Panko breadcrumbs, too.


Chicken, tofu, ground beef… Anything goes with this Mexican-inspired salad! Simply place all your taco ingredients into individual bowls. For the sake of presentation, make sure each ingredient has its place in the bowl: iceberg lettuce, tomato slices, black beans, shredded cheese, corn chips, fresh cilantro, and the protein of your choice, seasoned with chili spices. Serve with guacamole, and let the fiesta begin!


Grilled flank steaks and skewered pork are always great options. If you want to add a little freshness and crunchiness to the menu, wrap them in a lettuce leaf. Round off these delicious rolls with a variety of condiments at the centre of the table. Think peanut sauce, julienned carrots and cucumbers, mint leaves, or Thai basil leaves. Simple, fresh, and delicious!


Salads are a popular summer option. Now, you can add a new recipe to your summer menu—one that features a fresh, local ingredient… zucchini! For best results, finely shred your zucchini using a mandolin or peeler. Season with a creamy avocado and yogurt vinaigrette with a touch of honey. Amazing!


Trendy, healthy, and filling, poke bowls are a summer winner. If you’re receiving friends out on the terrace, Chef Geneviève Everell has a unique, flavourful recipe for you: a low-fat sushi poke bowl. You can even get pre-cut salmon cubes and spicy mayonnaise to make the task even easier. Once your bowl is assembled, enjoy every bite, taking a little bit of everything: roasted cauliflower, salmon, cucumber, strawberries, and pecans. It’s a perfectly flavourful blend!