Summer brunch inspiration

Summer brunch inspiration

This summer, freshness, colour, and splendour will all be part of your brunch menu. Get inspired by the abundance of fresh products available at the market to create the brunch of your dreams. At the park, on the terrace, in the yard, or even in bed, there are endless ways to share breakfast in good company.

We have a ton of delicious ideas for a successful brunch, and a few tips to make things easier for you.

Sweet and savoury brunch

The best part of brunch is the variety of flavours that make up one meal. Just picture it: berry pancakes with maple syrup, alongside scrambled eggs and bacon, all in the same plate! There’s something for everyone!

Planning to eat on the back deck? Why not use the barbecue to create an extraordinary brunch? As your guests are sipping their mimosas under the sun, slowly cook a zucchini and feta pie on the grill. For your appetizer, put the spotlight on a fruit from here, with sweet and savoury Quebec strawberry brochettes. This recipe by Trois fois par jour is a perfect blend of flavours, with strawberries, bocconcini, and Serrano ham.

Romantic brunch for two

Surprise your better half with refined, original recipes, like roasted strawberries with whipped cheese and a pistachio shortbread. The different textures—the creamy cheese and crunchy cookie crumbs—make for an irresistible dish. You can prepare the roasted strawberries and shortbread the night before to save time. Add a basket of pastries and two lattes with perfectly foamed milk, and you’re all set!

Eggs are a brunch staple. If you feel inspired that day, put on your chef’s hat and try your hand at these devilled eggs with Northern shrimp and melting salmon—an exceptional recipe by Geneviève Everell. With her top-quality Sushi à la maison products, you’ll have everything you need to make a restaurant-worthy dish!

This festive recipe will impress your guests at your next backyard summer brunch with friends. A delicious dish everyone’s sure to love!

Picnic brunch

Feel like getting out of the house and enjoying the nice summer weather? Arrange to meet with friends at the park for a colourful brunch! Opt for easy-to-carry recipes, like those prepared in Mason jars. For example, these chocolaty yogurt verrines are great for the park, sitting on the cool grass. Once you’re there, top your yogurt with homemade granola or berries.

Another great picnic suggestion? Roasted pepper mini quiches. These savoury tartlets are made in muffin tins and can be prepared ahead of time. Save time with store-bought crust pastry. The result will be just as delicious… we promise!

Healthy brunch

After your morning jog or at-home yoga session, continue your health kick with a nutritious, delicious brunch. On the menu: 100% organic bread, eggs, Greek yogurt, fruits, and vegetables. Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring! Think smoothie bowls: filled with colours and flavours, they’re all the buzz right now! You can also try our honeydew breakfast toast recipe. Original and delicious!

The classic smoked salmon bagel is also a filling brunch staple. You can change it up a little with a maple or honey-flavoured smoked salmon. If you’re up for a culinary challenge, why not try making your own bagels? That’s what we call a mouth-watering, complete menu!

Tricks for a stress-free brunch

1) Prepare your pancake or waffle mix the night before and store in the fridge. You can even make your waffles several days ahead of time and freeze them. The morning of your brunch, heat them up in your toaster. As for pancakes, you can wrap them up and keep then in the fridge for up to three days. Take them out about one hour before serving.

2) Have pastries ready to go in your freezer. For a spontaneous brunch, frozen croissants and chocolate bread are real life-savers! Your guests will love the mouth-watering smell of the pastries baking in the oven. Simply set the table with some cheese, fruits, and jams.

3) Express jam: Did you know that it takes about 20 minutes and just three ingredients to make a delicious jam? Take your favourite berries, add sugar and a little lemon juice, and your homemade jam will be ready right on time for brunch! (See our classic jam recipe).

4) Put the spotlight on local products. For a successful brunch, get inspired by delicious Quebec products: a Quebec cheese platter, an assortment of Charlevoix breads from À chacun son pain, a seasonal fruit salad, and charcuteries from our local artisans.

With so many great suggestions, brunching has never been so inspiring!