Take your taste buds on a journey this summer

journey this summer!

The weather is warm, the days are long, and festive summer nights are back . . . even if times aren’t what they used to be. So what’s the secret to a successful terrace, patio, or backyard get-together? Delicious dishes that are easy and colourful, a beautiful table setting, and a BBQ that’s ready to go! Cheers!

Let your taste buds travel

Here are a few product and recipe ideas that are sure to whisk you off to new lands . . . without ever having to leave your home! For a one-of-a-kind evening, opt for simple dishes that’ll impress your guests, and get ready to have some fun!

Remember: no matter your menu, make sure to organize your backyard in such a way as to respect social distancing rules.

You don’t have to completely transform your environment—just a few touches suffice to give the evening character and clearly illustrate your chosen theme: think lamps, music, wall projections, and games! 

  • A Portuguese evening. A colourful table set with glazed terracotta dishware, and a glass of Vino Verde to start the evening off right… tonight you’re going to Portugal! Start by serving a white fish appetizer, such as these salt cod croquettes. Next, prepare a butterflied Portuguese chicken à la Ricardo, grilled chorizo with root vegetables, all drizzled with a slightly spicy piri piri sauce! For dessert, go all out with Portuguese mini-flans, also known as pasteis de nata!

Salt cod croquettes

  • An Argentinian evening. Create a bandoneon playlist and place a few bottles of red on the table, because tonight you’re going to Argentina (gaucho hat optional)! Now’s the perfect time to try our butcher’s new, ready-to-cook recipe: chimuchurri chicken! This typical Argentinian sauce is made using fresh herbs and peppers. It pairs perfectly with grilled meat and is great in marinades. Beef is very popular in Argentina, so we suggest serving these flavourful garlic-chili beef skewers! For dessert, satisfy your sweet tooth with Dulce de Leche-stuffed churros . . . you can even challenge yourself to make these oven-baked churros!

Brochette de bœuf ail-chili, quinoa au gingembre

  • An Italian evening. String lights, Italian tunes, and small tables set with lamps or candles . . . you’ve got yourself your very own trattoria! Using a wall or a white sheet, project photos of Italy or play old Italian movie Start the evening with a glass of Spritz (Prosecco and Campari or Aperol), which everyone can sip on while enjoying a slice of C’est prêt! flatbread pizza. Next, serve up this pork chop and caponata recipe, or opt for our ready-to-cook gremolata and strawberry pork chops, served with grilled veggies en papillotes or skewered. Gremolata is a condiment made with parsley, garlic, and lemon or orange zest that is typically served with osso bucco. Our version, with a touch of strawberries, is perfect for summer! For dessert, whisk your guests off to the lemon groves off Amalfi Coast with Ricardo’s delicious and refreshing lemon cake!

  • An east coast evening. Ah, that East Coast charm! If you have trouble imaging the salty sea air from your Quebec backyard, you can at least indulge in a typical American dinner, complete with wooden picnic table! On the menu: mouth-watering lobster rolls to kick off the evening, served with a crisp white wine or ice-cold beer. Next up: the Quebec version of crab cakes, Fruits de mer du Québec seafood cakes, served with a side of spicy tartare sauce or lemon wedges. You can also get inspired by Georgia or Florida cooking and serve these lime-ginger shrimp skewers! Complete your East Coast meal with crispy fries, homemade coleslaw, or chips, and for dessert . . . Ricardo’s strawberry shortcake!

Traditional lobster roll

  • An Oriental evening. Pull out your colourful lamps and cushions, and cover small tables or wooden crates with pretty fabric for original tables for one! Make colourful and delicious dishes, and place them at each guest’s table. Think ready-to-cook Moroccan kefta skewers, or . Unleash your culinary creativity when it comes to choosing your vegetables and sauce. You can also make our yummy hummus and serve it with pieces of pita bread. If anyone still has room for dessert, serve a selection of honey pastries or loukoums.

Ultimate Grilled Moroccan Kefta

  • A Quebec evening. The BBQ is fired up and ready to go! Perfect for pork or tofu, try Geneviève O’Gleeman’s maple syrup, herbs, and mustard marinade. As seasoned grill masters, Quebecers know how to barbecue. Grill up a batch of Quebec pork and serve with a side of crunchy dill salad or slices of grilled iceberg or romaine lettuce! If you have some in-season vegetables in your fridge (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, potatoes, eggplant, etc.), dice them up and cook them en papillottes. At the end of the meal, offer your guests a refreshing homemade dessert such as these adorable oat tarts with yogurt and Quebec berries.

BBQ Dijon Pork & Tofu

This summer, get ready to host original get-togethers that’ll surprise and delight all your guests!