Nos meilleurs trucs pour réinventer son burger


The nice weather is right around the corner! Time to fire up the old grill! And what’s the best summer barbecue dish? Burgers, of course! Here are a few tips and tricks to reinvent this summer classic that everybody loves.


Goodbye, traditional bun!

Bread enhances the taste of the burger, and there are various types of buns you can buy. Opt for a tasty bread that is not too big, like brioche buns. For maximum flavour, put them in the oven at 250°F for 2-3 minutes before assembling your burger!

Cheese, please!

Burgers without cheese often get lots of praise, but cheese is very important, as it gives your burger personality. When placed between two warm pieces of bread, Sensations cheese slices are excellent: opt for a classic melt like delicious sliced mozzarella, a sliced Swiss with loads of character, or sliced provolone—this mild cheese blends in with all the flavours.

For a vegan option, fauxmages (non-dairy cheeses) can be a delicious option. Made primarily from coconut oil, potatoes, and tapioca, sliced Nafsika offers exceptional flavours, dairy-free. You can also change things up by putting it on a meat burger. You can’t go wrong with the smoked Gouda variety!

A divine-tasting patty

Whether meat or vegetarian, patties are the heart of the burger: they bring consistency and flavour to every bite. If you’re a meat-lover, ground beef or pork from Quebec are always winning options. Take it up a notch by adding chopped walnuts to the mixture, as suggested in this delicious recipe!

Vegeat patties are made with tasty plant-based proteins. We’re especially fond of this simple and unique recipe that uses tzatziki and cucumber ribbons. For maximum flavour, cook your patty in a pan in a lightly sweetened soya sauce just before serving. We promise you’ll love it!

Fish and seafood will also delight your taste buds. Plus, they’re more environmentally friendly. Grizzly red salmon and Ocean Wise sockeyed salmon burgers are both healthy options that taste great with tartare sauce or a mixture of mayo, dill and basil, like the one in this Stefano Faita recipe.

Frozen burgers: keeping it simple

In a pinch? Frozen burgers are your best ally. With over 8 flavours available, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our various, delicious Compliments frozen burgers. Serve them with quartered sweet potatoes for more flavour on your dish!


Be creative in your choice of toppings

For meat-lovers, bacon is a definite must. If you want to try something different from the usual bacon slices, try making a puree. In your blender, put some chopped bacon, onions, garlic, and a few drops of maple syrup. Wow!

Turn your onions into crispy onion rings by dipping them in bread crumbs and frying them up.

When it comes to condiments, adding a few drops of maple syrup and 1 tbsp. of liquid smoke to traditional mayo will create a smoky sauce. It’s heaven in every bite!

For a vegetarian option, how about a delicious homemade tzatziki sauce (mayo, cucumber, garlic, and dill)? Elevate the flavours by adding a little cheese, like Feta! Swap traditional mushrooms with sautéed wild mushrooms (boletus, chanterelles, or girolles) baked in the oven with fauxmage. For maximum aromas, add some fresh herbs (rather than dehydrated or frozen spices), such as chives, basil, and thyme.


What’s better: BBQ or stovetop?

No barbecue? No problem! You don’t have to cook on the grill! In the frying pan, your burger will be less smoky but more crispy. For a pronounced smoky taste, use a charcoal barbecue over a gas one. For the best patty consistency, add some breadcrumbs or oat flour to your mixture before cooking.

Cooking time

It’s important to be vigilant when comes time to cook ground meat, or your patty may end up dry or undercooked. Count about 150 to 200 grams per person. Make your patties about 2 cm thick—thicker burgers are always juicier. When cooking, calculate about 4 minutes per side. After 9 minutes, the meat may lose all its juices. It’s important to cook the ground meat patty until you get an internal temperature of 160oF (71oC). Check the temperature with a thermometer. Never eat meat that isn’t thoroughly cooked.