Welcome spring into your home with these easy tips

Welcome spring into your home with these easy tips

4 tips for enjoying spring . . . outdoors and in!

The budding trees and blooming tulips don’t lie: the warm weather is finally here. Take advantage of the occasion to fill your home with a breath of fresh air, brighten up your décor, and fill your plate with sunshine!

Here are a few simple tricks for reinvigorating your environment and welcoming spring into your home.

1. Add a touch of spring to your plate

Dare to try new recipes and fill your plate with colourful, fresh ingredients.

Why not prepare tartares, poke bowls, or homemade sushi? For an easy version, opt for Sushi à la maison, a local brand that offers loads of top-quality ingredients that are ideal for these kinds of dishes.

Thinking of dining outdoors on the terrace on in the garden? Plan a picnic! Or become a grill master: try making skewers with Quebec cheeses that are perfect for grilling, Ocean Wise-certified tuna steaks, or crisp romaine lettuce with fruit on the barbecue.

For a sweet finale, enjoy an ice cream cone . . . and make sure to fill it with delicious local products, such as Laiterie Chagnon ice cream!

2. Freshen up your décor

Springtime is the perfect time to reinvigorate and reinvent your home décor. Forget about major renovations—a few simple touches here and there suffice.

Consider swapping your pillow covers for newer, brighter colours, hanging a mirror on a bare wall to help reflect all that natural light, changing a few photos in your frames, and of course, putting away your winter coats!

For a colourful, fresh, and appetizing décor, fill a stylish basket with a selection of fruit, then place it in the centre of your dining room table or kitchen island. Not only will this add a pop of colour to your home, but we’re willing to bet your family will be tempted by all those healthy snacks!

3. Let in a breath of fresh air

Throw open your curtains and windows! Let the light in and the air circulate, for a boost of energy the whole family will appreciate. Let yourself be swept away by the soft spring breeze and new-life smells.

The first scents that come to mind when we think about spring are cleanliness, lemons, and fresh laundry. For a “green” spring-cleaning, use lemons! They’re great for cleaning windows and mirrors (simply soak a rag in lemon juice, wipe down your surface, then wipe again using a clean, dry rag), restoring your old cutting boards (clean your cutting boards with warm, soapy water, then rub the entire surface using half a lemon, pulp side down), and even refreshing the air (fill a pot with water, add lemon slices and rosemary branches; bring to a boil and enjoy the revitalizing smell!).

In the laundry room, use a fresh, springtime scent to wash your clothes, then hang them on the line to dry . . . nothing beats that fresh-off-the-line smell!

4. Garden . . . in the kitchen!

Always have fresh herbs at your disposal by planting a small kitchen garden. Install it next to the window and you’ll always have fresh aromatics to add to your dishes!

Looking for a fun and practical DIY project? Make a mini garden in your kitchen using the vegetables you already have on hand. Soak the cores of your lettuce, green onions, fennels, leeks, and celery in water. Once roots have sprouted, plant them in pots filled with potting soil.

When the temperature outdoors is warm enough, transfer your pots to the balcony and watch them grow even more!

So there you have it—a few easy tips for adding more flavour to your menu and more colour to your days! Happy springtime, everyone!