Discover the stimulating, educational activities provided for your children by your IGA retailer.
IGA retailers are committed to keeping you and your kids happy. That's why they have developed a program and services to keep the the little ones amused and save you time.

Play areas for kids

Looking for ways to amuse the little ones while you grocery shop? Participating IGA stores provide tables and colouring books set up for their enjoyment.

T'IGA Program

T'iga: a community ambassador

T'iga isn't just a mascot. T’iga is also the symbol of a 15-year-old social initiative by IGA retailers!

The T'iga program has two distinct mandates:
- to contribute to children's development and families' well-being.
- to take part in community activities organized throughout Quebec.
The program takes many forms including participating in in- store activities and community events.
Stimulating and educational activity booklets

Stimulating and educational activity booklets

T'iga booklets aim to impart good values and promote healthy lifestyle habits for children. Each year new booklets are added to a collection that has already grown to include more than 85!

T'iga booklets provide fun-filled, educational activities that increase children's awareness of health and safety. For example, they provide suggestions for a safe evening of trick-or-treating on Halloween. Thanks to various booklets and card games, the T'iga program also promotes physical fitness, concern for the environment, and environmentally responsible behaviour.

The T'iga tour

This part of the T’iga program is geared primarily to adults. By getting involved in various fundraising campaigns supported by IGA retailers, you provide support to dozens of not-for-profit organizations. It's a great way to show you care about your community's well-being.Details

Mascotte T'iga

You can join the T’iga fan club by contacting your IGA retailer.
The T’iga program varies depending on different activities offered at participating IGA stores. Contact your IGA retailer for details.

Ma zone bonbon

Want to pick up a personalized assortment of candies for the kids? IGA proposes a large selection of candy for every taste. Ask your IGA retailer about the varieties available.

Mon Menu École (My school menu)

Don’t have much time to prepare the kids' lunchboxes? Need a little inspiration? Ask your IGA retailer about Mon Menu École (My school menu) service. Save yourself time while ensuring the kids take a healthy lunch to school.