Your IGA retailer offers a multitude of useful and essential services every day.
Your IGA retailer offers a multitude of useful and essential services. Do you need to pick up bus tickets or fill a prescription? Have a jacket to dry clean or a package to mail? IGA can help with everything!

Bus tickets

You need to take the bus but don't have any tickets or cash with you? You can count on participating IGA retailers to have the bus tickets you need.  Drop by the customer service counter to purchase your bus tickets for prices in effect in your municipality. 
IGA merchants are ticket retailers only. For any problems encountered while using the service, contact the customer service department of your transit provider directly.
Services vary depending on transit providers in the region. Contact your IGA retailer for information about transit tickets available.

Opus card recharge

It's the same thing at the beginning of every month - long lineups to load your OPUS card. Stop by the customer service counter at your local IGA to recharge your OPUS card. Participating stores are equipped with a terminal where you can recharge your monthly pass at regular STM-fare prices.
You can't purchase tickets or one-way fares at the terminals. You must have your OPUS card on hand for your purchase.
Affiliated STM points of sale do not sell OPUS cards. You must visit a métro fare control booth to buy one.
Always keep your receipt as proof of purchase. If your fare proves defective, go to any STM customer service counter.

Telephone orders

Stuck at home because of a nasty flu or bad weather? IGA’s telephone order service is here for you! At participating retailers, someone will take and assemble your order before having it delivered straight to your home. You won’t have to step a foot out the door.
When ordering by phone, be as clear as possible about your order and specify the make, size, and quantity of the products you want.
A minimum order may be required. 
Ask the person taking your order how long it will take to assemble and deliver.
Consult your store delivery hours to know when service is available.
Assembly and delivery charges may vary by store. Contact your retailer for more details.

Postal counter

IGA stores with a postal counter offer most services available at the Canada Post Office, such as selling stamps, handling parcels, and issuing money orders. You can also pick up federal and provincial income tax declaration forms and passport applications there.

Canada Post counters don't offer all services available at the post office. Check with your participating retailer for details.

Sears counter

Dropping by your local IGA offers another way to save! Having your catalogue order delivered to a Sears pickup counter will save you about $4 off regular home delivery fees. Picking up your order in store makes things simpler.
The Sears catalogue agency will hold your items in store for a maximum of 15 days.
Some counters can’t receive large items due to space restrictions. 
Additional delivery charges may apply in outlying regions.
Contact Sears customer service for any problems with your order.

Western Union counter

Looking for a simple, secure way to transfer funds? IGA retailers have Western Union counters. Leading global provider of money transfer service, Western Union provides money transfer services in over 200 countries and territories with over 486,000 agent locations worldwide.


What would you say to grocery shopping and getting a fill-up at the same place? Participating IGA retailers have Shell gas stations that will help save you time!

Bank machine

Need to withdraw money or check your account balance? No need to visit the bank. You'll find a bank machine at your IGA store!

Car wash

Is your car in big need of cleaning? In partnership with Hydrajet, some IGA retailers offer a touch-free car wash service. Visit Hydrajet.net for details, prices, and cleaning options.

Home delivery

Can't get out to do the groceries? Whether you grocery shop online, by telephone, or even in store, IGA offers a delivery service. Ask you retailer about the schedule and delivery zone. Delivery fees may vary by store.

Dry Cleaning

Where can you find a dry cleaning service in your area? At your local IGA store! Participating stores will send your clothes out to professional dry cleaners that will clean all your delicate or hard-to-wash pieces like coats, silk shirts, and linen pants. Just stop by the store to drop off or pick up your clothes.

Rates vary by store. Contact your local IGA for more details.


Need some advice about treating your child’s nasty cough? Participating IGA retailers have a pharmacy counter where you can fill your prescriptions and get any essential health products when you go for groceries.

Pharmacy hours, scheduled pharmacist hours, and services offered may vary by store. Contact your IGA retailer for further details.


IGA stores with photocopiers provide reproduction services for varied documents.
Prices may change based on the number of copies and the work required.
Services will vary by store and photocopier models available. Contact your IGA retailer for more details


Is there anything quicker and more enjoyable than grilling  on the BBQ for guests? If you need to fill your propane tank, drop by your IGA store!

Fax machine

Need to fax an important document? No problem! Take advantage of a visit to the grocery store to make sure your document is sent. Participating IGA stores have fax machines that securely transmit documents by telephone line.
Long distance charges may apply. 
Rates may vary by store. Contact your IGA retailers for more details.

Ticket checker terminal

Will you be the next new millionaire? Let our cashiers validate your lottery tickets or do it yourself at participating IGA stores equipped with self-serve ticket checker terminals.

Free wifi

Use your computer or smart phone to connect to IGA's wireless network. This free service lets you access your shopping list online or simply navigate the Internet.