Bon Matin a votre bien-être à cœur

Bon Matin has your well-being at heart

Take advantage of a $ 2 rebate with the purchase of 2 products to discover the brand new bread La mie de l’artisan Oatmeal from the Bon Matin family. Prepared in Quebec, made with our simplest ingredients and without artificial colors or flavors, Bon Matin La mie de l'artisan Oatmeal contributes to your healthy diet by offering you a bread low in saturated and trans fats. With its 3 grams of fiber per serving, Bon Matin Oatmeal also helps lower cholesterol. *

*2 slices (80 g) of Bon Matin Oatmeal bread with oat bran provides 35 % of the daily amount of the fibres shown to help lower (or reduce) cholesterol.