My homemade breakfast


Ideally, a balanced breakfast should contain one serving from at least three of the four food groups in Canada’s Food Guide. IGA helps you plan and cook quick, delicious breakfasts.

Eat 3 out of 4!



Fresh (apples, kiwi, strawberries, etc.) or puréed fruit no sugar added

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Viande et subsituts

Meat and alternatives

An egg, a few nuts, peanut or almond butter

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Produits céréaliers

Whole grain products

Whole wheat bread, a multigrain bagel, oatmeal, high fibre cereal, or a healthy muffin

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Produits laitiers

Dairy products

A glass of milk, cheese or yogurt, soy beverage

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Feel like you’re always eating the same old thing?

Nicolas Laverdure

Get inspiration from Nicolas Laverdure’s original morning snack ideas.

They’ll make your mouth water, whether you’re looking for an original snack or a new idea for breakfast!

  • Waldorf cottage cheese: A combination of cottage cheese, apple chunks, and nuts
  • Torpedo: A tortilla spread with peanut butter and rolled up around a banana
  • Fruit parfait: Fruit yogurt + fresh fruit + muesli (arranged in layers) and/or nuts
  • Dynamo oatmeal: Made with milk and topped with bananas, crushed nuts, and raisins.
Parfait aux fruits

No time to make a parfait before you leave?

Try our yogurt parfaits, prepared in-store for you.

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Homemade smoothies

Prepare your own smoothies in a jiffy! Fruit, juice, yogurt, plant-based beverages... the combinations are endless. Increase the fibre content of your homemade beverages by adding 15 mL (1 tbsp.) of ground flaxseed.

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