My homemade lunch


Lunch lets you refuel after a busy morning. Count on a balanced, appetizing lunch if you want to burst with vim and vigour! Let us brighten up your lunchtime everyday!

Think “protein”

Protein stimulates the brain, keeping it alert and active. To prevent drops in energy, make sure you include a good source of protein in your lunch. Try meat, poultry, fish, seafood, legumes, tofu, or eggs – the choice is yours.

Seven tips for efficient lunch planning!

If you’re already cooking, make more!

Double recipes and freeze them in single-serving containers, marking the date they were prepared.

Do the prep work in advance:

Make a habit of washing and preparing fruits and veggies as soon as you get them home; once that’s done, it’s so much easier to include them in your lunch.

Keep your basic accessories handy

Keep them in one place to save time.

Set aside a shelf in the fridge and pantry for lunches.

This speeds up preparation and makes it easy to see when supplies are low.

Buy prepared products:

There is a whole variety of prepared foods that will save you time, including fruits and veggies (lien vers section 3), cooked chicken strips, cooked pork, prewashed lettuce, and more. They make it easier to whip up a quick lunch!

Short on time? Try healthy, ready-to-eat foods!

At IGA, you’ll find cooked dishes (lien vers section 3) in our Compliments Balance line. For a well-balanced meal, just add juice and yogurt. They’re delicious, nutritious, and quick—what more could you ask for?

Think about tomorrow

Turn tonight’s dinner into tomorrow’s lunch. Leftovers, accompanied by fruit, vegetable juice and yogurt, make delicious lunches in a jiffy.

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