Tips and tricks for your homemade supper! Regardless of your cooking skills, you can learn how to easily cook a quick and delicious supper, thanks to IGA.

Plan meals ahead of time

Map out your menu for the coming days according to your schedule and make a shopping list.

Do the prep work in advance

Cut up vegetables and measure out the ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner so that all you’ll need to do is cook them. You’ll bank precious time!

Save time with Ready-to-cook Dishes!

You’ll find meat and fish that are already stuffed and/or marinated at the meat and fish counters. All you have to do is cook them!

Take advantage of the Ready-to-cook dishes!

If you’re in an even bigger hurry, opt for our wide variety of marinated, ready-to-grill meats such as salmon fillet or chicken brochette. It’s like having your very own personal chef!

Opt for ready-to-assemble meals

For example, fresh pasta (cheese tortellini), prepared pasta sauce (like rosé sauce) and pre-cut vegetables

Group together your winning recipes

in one place so that you can find them easily and get inspiration for planning your meals.

Consider “all-in-one” recipes.

Why not opt for dishes that contain all the food groups, like pasta, pizza, or casserole dishes. Not only are they complete meals, but they help save time and there will be less dishes to do!

Family-size chicken meal

No time to cook? Opt for a family-size meal of BBQ chicken or Romados Portuguese chicken. It's a quick and tasty option the family will enjoy on evenings when time is short. Includes the following side dishes: coleslaw, fries, sauce