Meal salad

Meal salads

So simple, and so many possibilities!
For a salad that travels well and stays fresh for hours, layer the ingredients starting with the most moist and finishing with the most fragile, like lettuce.

When ready to eat your meal salad, shake the container vigorously to mix the ingredients and flavours together.

Greens are the basis of this salad. Add lots. They're packed with water and fibre, and are low in calories. The choices are endless!

Add some crunch, good fat, and protein. There are only good reasons for adding nuts! Grill or caramelize them with brown sugar for even better taste!

A grain product

Add some carbs for quick energy. You can replace the orzo with rice, quinoa, couscous, and so much more.

A fruit or a vegetable

A vitamin-packed addition that adds colour, flavour, and texture - in this case blueberries for a nice dose of antioxidants and a touch of sweetness.

A protein

Tofu, chicken, legumes, tuna, cheese: possiblities are endless!

Place it in the bottom of the container so it won't spoil the lettuce. Use any homemade or store-bought vinaigrette you like.