Whether you’re preparing a green salad, bean salad, or pasta salad, a vinaigrette will add a flavour punch!

Usually, one part vinegar is used for three parts oil, but this ratio can be adjusted for a lighter or more acidic vinaigrette. Then simply add your choice of seasonings, and you’re done!  

3 parts oil + 1 part acidic liquid Seasonings
Olive oil
Lime juice
+  Coriander + pepper
Walnut oil
+  Raspberry vinegar 
+  Basil + garlic
Sunflower oil 
+ Grapefruit juice 
+  Honey + sesame + seeds
Canola oil
+ Balsamic vinegar 
+  Maple syrup + chives
Peanut oil 
+  Orange juice
+  Shallot + ginger

Health tip

Do you love creamy salad dressings? Here’s an idea for a light but flavourful version. Mix three parts plain yogurt with one part Dijon mustard and one part maple syrup.