Food storage / safety and hygiene

The quality of the ingredients is the key to serving flavourful dishes. To keep quality top-notch, be sure to follow the rules for food storage, safety, and hygiene.
Conservation des aliments


Here's a chart indicating the ideal temperature and storage duration for the foods we're so fond of. In addition, a few simple rules to follow for optimizing storage will make the task a snap
Préparation des aliments

Preparing food

Several factors affect the safety of the food we cook. The cooking method, how the food is handled, and the internal temperature of meat after cooking are particularly important. To learn the basic rules of food preparation, click on the link:
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Lavage des mains


To the naked eye, it’s impossible to see that our hands carry germs. And yet although hands may seem clean, they can harbour tiny bacteria that cause various health problems. So it’s essential to wash your hands very thoroughly before handling food. This very simple step considerably reduces the risk of contaminating the food we cook… and the people who eat it!
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