Cook more. Save more

Staples for the fridge
For the year 2017, IGA wants to help you spend less and cook more. Every week, discover our five recipes for about $3 per serving. Your weekly menu will be easier to make!

Recipes of the week for about $3 per serving*

Ragoût de porc piquant avec salsa verte

Fiery pork and salsa verde stew

Pork is versatile, inexpensive meat that is often indispensable for weeknight meals. Braise it slowly to bring out the unique flavour.

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Vol-au-vent aux flocons de crabe et au saumon

Comfort chili

Chili remains one of the most popular dishes with Quebec families. What’s not to like? It’s satisfying, easy to whip up, and won’t break the bank! For an even less costly version, replace the beef by cubed tofu.

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Simple tortellini soup

A meal soup is a nice way to use up the leftover vegetables in the fridge and turn them into a healthy meal of comfort food.

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Gâteau de rigatoni au bœuf

Mushroom, spinach, and feta strata

This recipe is a great way to get rid of any stale bread you have in the pantry!

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Hoisin-orange haddock

Hoisin-orange haddock

It’s not hard to add fruit juice to a sauce! And doing so will greatly boost the flavour of your dish. Orange, apple, grape, or pomegranate juice – simply add the flavouring in the right amount to get a perfectly balanced sauce!

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2, 4 or 6 at the Table: Spend Less

When it comes to cooking, every household has its own challenges! To help you save more money, here are a few tips based on the number of mouths that you have to feed.

2 at the Table

  1. Buy. Divide. Freeze. 
  2. Cook lots and then get creative!
  3. Do the prep so nothing is wasted

4 at the Table

  1. Pay attention to specials 
  2. Opt for the private label
  3. Cook from scratch

6 at the Table

  1. Read the package labels and compare prices
  2. Cook food in its entirety 
  3. Get to know your slow cooker 
  4. Diversify your proteins

*The price per serving was calculated using the prices in effect during the week of January 19 to 25, 2017.