The home cook's essentials

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The right equipment gets the job done right! It’s essential to have basic tools and equipment in the kitchen, such as pots and pans. To help you choose your kitchenware wisely and avoid wasting your money, consult The Home Cook’s Essentials section. A list of staples for the pantry, fridge, and freezer has also been compiled. Keep these foods in stock to whip up a dinner in no time, any time!
Les ustensiles du cuisinier

Cooking utensils

With the right cooking utensils close at hand, everything is easier!
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Les incontournables du frigo

Staples for the fridge

These products can save the day! Keep them on hand, and you’ll be able to whip up quick, easy meals at any time!
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Les incontournables du congélo

Freezer staples

Frozen fruit and vegetables, or even fish… here are a few must-haves for the freezer!
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Les incontournables du garde-manger

Pantry staples

With a few aromatics, pasta, and a tin of tuna, you’ve got a meal. Pantry staples come to the rescue whenever you can’t make it to the supermarket!
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Guide d'équivalences

Guide to Equivalent Measures and Temperatures

When you need to convert a number, you’ll find what you want with just a click of the mouse!
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