Basic recipes

bechamel sauce

Basic bechamel sauce

As simple as it is savoury, béchamel sauce is useful in all sorts of French recipes. Whether added to chicken pot pie or lasagna, poured over a salmon fillet or puff pastry, béchamel will make any dish rich and creamy. Print this recipe and hang it on your fridge door so it's always handy when you're cooking!
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Slow cooking

Slow cooking how to's with ingredients you have on hand
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meal salad

Meal salad

So simple, and so many possibilities! For a salad that travels well and stays fresh for hours, layer the ingredients starting with the most moist and finishing with the most fragile, like lettuce.
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Great stir-fries! Grilled meat, colourful veggies, and aromatic sauces: stir-fries are quick and simple meal solutions!
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trail mix

Trail mixes

Customize your trail mix: A combination of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and grains makes a quick-to-prepare, nutritious snack - it's perfect for school kids or weekend hikers!
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Vinaigrette de base


Whether you’re preparing a green salad, bean salad, or pasta salad, a vinaigrette will add a flavour punch!
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Muffins de base


Muffins are ideal first thing in the morning with coffee or a large glass of milk. When we make muffins, a whole world of flavours opens up to us! Will it be a berry or a banana-nut muffin? Here is a very simple basic muffin recipe that can be adapted to your choice of flavours.
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Smoothies de base


Children, grown-ups, athletes, anyone in a hurry… everyone loves smoothies! Why? Because they’re practical, fast, delicious, and can make a balanced, healthy and fulfilling breakfast! With a little imagination, the possibilities are infinite.
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Crème pâtissière

Pastry cream

Rich, smooth pastry cream adds the gourmet touch that makes countless desserts irresistible. Try this recipe for a lump-free version with an ideal consistency.
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