cooking tools

Cooking utensils

With the right cooking utensils close at hand, everything is easier!

Cooking utensils

The secret to simplifying life in the kitchen and making every recipe a success? Investing in good tools!


Only three knives are indispensable: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. It’s that simple! With this trio of knives in the kitchen, you’ll be able to cut almost everything.

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Designed for removing the peel from fruits and vegetables, it can also produce pretty ribbons of cucumber or other produce. Note that a good-quality peeler slices off only a thin layer of the peel.

Cuillère en bois

Wooden spoons

Wooden spoons do not conduct heat and won’t scratch pots or pans. They’re useful for stirring, beating, and especially tasting!


Slotted spoon

Slotted spoons are very practical for draining foods.



A ladle is essential for serving a good soup or stew.



A wire or plastic whisk is perfect for preparing sauces and omelettes, and for blending a salad dressing.


Cheese grater

A four-sided box grater is so versatile! It’s the perfect tool for grating or shredding cheese, and can be used to zest citrus fruit, too. A non-slip version is safer.

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Can opener

An ergonomic, sturdy version is a must! Countless models are available on the market. Choose one that opens cans without leaving the edges dangerously sharp.


Plastic spatula

A plastic spatula lets you completely wipe out a container or bowl -- no waste! Use it to spread a batter in a pan or to even out a surface.


Cooking spatula

Made of silicone, it’s ideal for non-stick frying pans. A good-quality version won’t burn and, even better, the edges won’t melt.

Tasse à mesurer en pyrex

Pyrex measuring cup

Perfect for measuring liquids.

Tasse sans bord

Set of dry measuring cups

Strongly suggested for measuring dry ingredients.

Cuillères à mesurer

Set of measuring spoons

Ranging from 1 mL (1/4 tsp.) to 15 mL (1 tbsp.), measuring spoons are highly practical for measuring small quantities.



Tongs are invaluable for grabbing, turning, and picking up food.


Oven mitts

Silicone ovenproof mitts are heat-resistant and protect your hands when touching hot dishes.


Meat thermometer

Indispensable for perfectly cooked meat or poultry!

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