Montreal Heart Institute Foundation

Montreal Heart Institute Foundation

The Montreal Heart Institute Foundation is proud of its 30-year partnership with IGA.


Once again this year, tou showed your heart. Thanks to you, $230,000 was collected as part of the « $2 DOES THE HEART GOOD » fundraiser. The IGA retailers thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

Employees Committed to the Cause

We would like to thank these 30 cashiers from across Quebec for their commitment!
Name Last name
Camille Paquet
Meriem Achène
Francine Boileau
Martyne Dupuis
Laura Cianflone
Coroline Ouimet
Catherine Baillargeon
Mélanie Coulombe
Lise Lyonnais
Marguerite Langlais
Guylaine Méthot
Lise Lebreux
Michael Guaiani
Charles Mathew Guiang
Gabrielle Côté
Name Last name
Louise Denis
Lucie Aspirol
Ikarm Maizou
Marie-Soleil Jarry
Abigaelle Lavoie
Kathleen Pronovost
Isabelle Girard
Audrey Blouin
Mariette Sareault
Lise Légaré
Christiane Rose
Huguette Labelle
Chantal Morin
Patricia Leduc
Jennifer Srouji