Aliments du Québec

Aliments du Québec
At IGA, we showcase Quebec products and Quebeckers’ know-how.

Aliments du Québec: always the right choice!

To find Aliments du Québec products, look for the blue price labels on our store shelves. They help you quickly spot the products made in Quebec.

When you purchase Aliments du Québec items, you have the assurance that you’re consuming products from Quebec.*

Why put Quebec on the menu?

By choosing products identified with the "Aliments du Québec" label, you’re supporting the local economy and encouraging Quebec producers. At the same, you’re enjoying the taste and quality of local and regional products.

For the complete list of "Aliments du Québec" and "Aliments préparés au Québec" products, consult : www.alimentsduquebec.com.

Aliments du Québec certification

Aliments du Québec certification guarantees that a product originates in Quebec, designating it with one of two labels: Aliments du Québec (“Quebec Foods”) or Aliments préparés au Québec (“Prepared-in-Quebec Foods”).

Aliments du Québec

A product bears the "Aliments du Québec" label if it is entirely made in Quebec or if at least 85% of the main ingredients originate in Quebec. The product must also be processed and packaged here in Quebec.

Aliments préparés au Québec

A product bears the "Aliments préparés au Québec" label if it is entirely processed and packaged here in Quebec. Moreover, when the product contains ingredients available in sufficient quantities in Quebec, these ingredients must be sourced in Quebec.

*In-store identification

Please note that due to logistical constraints, the blue price labels always say “Aliments du Québec” even for "Aliments préparés au Québec." For further clarification on product certification, please visit www.alimentsduquebec.com.