Montreal’s 375th anniversary

Montreal’s 375th anniversary

As a “Great Montrealer,” IGA is proud to be part of the city’s 375th celebrations and invites you to savour every moment of these wonderful festivities.

Calendar of activities - The cabane à sucre urbaine

Date Boroughs ParK
April 22 Saint-Laurent Parc du Bois-Franc (2145, Rue du Chinook)
April 23 Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Parc Raymond-Préfontaine (Rue Hochelaga)
April 29 Montréal-Nord Parc Henri-Bourassa (Rue Pascal)
April 30 Plateau Mont-Royal Parc Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier (Rue de Mentana et Avenue Laurier E.)

The Cabane à sucre urbaine

From March 11 to April 30 - 18 arrondissements de Montréal

This sugaring off season, the Cabane à sucre urbaine invites Montrealers to come and try some maple taffy in its old-fashioned mobile barn. To ensure the most sweet tooths possible get to enjoy this gooey goodness, it will be stopping off in several city boroughs. Musicians and storytellers will all be a part of this festive, family-friendly fun. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and lots of other treats will also be served.

All voluntary contributions will go to the Joy of Eating Better Foundation.

Numerous activities have been planned:

  • Folk music group
  • Maple taffy tasting benefitting The Joy of Eating Better Foundation
  • Storytelling: the history of maple syrup
  • Free pouding chômeur (poor man’s pudding) tasting