IGA merchants are concerned about the environment, as evidenced by the many environmental initiatives they’ve carried out over the years.

The IGA supermarket in Saint-Pascal-de-Kamouraska was the first in Canada to earn LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a clear indicator that IGA grocers are ahead of the curve with respect to sustainable construction.

And in a constant effort to support their customers in becoming more environmentally conscious, Quebec’s IGA grocers created Fonds Éco IGA in 2008. Managed by Jour de la Terre, Fonds Éco IGA finances concrete and sustainable projects that respond to environmental realties and aim to protect, conserve, and promote sustainable environmental practices across Quebec and New Brunswick. Thanks to the million dollars allocated annually since 2008, over 2,500 environmental projects have been financed in communities across Quebec and a few cities in New Brunswick.

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