Rainwater barrels and compost bins distribution

Rainwater barrel distribution
Since 2010, IGA retailers have distributed over 85 500 ecological items to citizens.

The 2016 Distribution ‒ another tremendous success!

This year, the rainwater barrel and compost bin distribution tour took place at 217 IGA stores across Quebec and New Brunswick between April 16 and July 16. A total of 9 654 barrels and 5 275 compost bins were distributed. Over 31,000 citizens registered for a chance to take home one of the two items for the modest sum of $30, setting a new participation record since the creation of the program. These ecological items will help divert up to 791 tons of organic matter from landfill and save up to 46 million litres of drinking water annually.

Preserving potable water and reducing organic waste sent to landfill

In the summertime, drinking water is a precious resource that's often used when unchlorinated water would do. Rainwater barrels supply water that can be used for activities like gardening and outdoor cleaning.

As for compost bins, they recycle organic waste while considerably reducing the amount of organic matter sent to landfill. Furthermore, composting provides many benefits for gardening including enriching and rebalancing the soil.

To learn more about this project, see the press release.

The program will be back in 2017! To find out the distribution and registration dates, click here.