Residual waste management optimization program

More than a year ago, Sobeys Québec began rolling out a major, province-wide waste management optimization program (WMO) for IGA supermarkets.

What is the residual waste management optimization program?

The purpose of the WMO program is to give a second life to the largest possible amount of cardboard, leftover food, and other waste generated at IGA supermarkets, by helping retailers improve their WMO.

A program tailored to the retailers’ reality

Developed in tandem with the Jour de la Terre Québec team as part of the Fonds Éco IGA program, this new program will facilitate:

  • The inclusion of the WMO concept in IGA stores during construction (new site, relocation, expansion, and renovations);
  • The optimization of waste management in existing supermarkets. 
The program is based on a continuous improvement principle and takes the reality faced by retailers into account.

Divertable waste by category

Objective: divert 90% of waste from landfill

By studying some 15 stores, the Jour de la Terre Québec WMO team was able to produce an accurate portrait of the waste generated. We therefore estimate that the theoretical diversion rate of about 90% could be reached, which would allow IGA retailers to surpass the goals set by the Quebec Residual Materials Management Policy. Sobeys Québec would like to see IGA retailers reach this goal within the next five years, thanks to this program.
Currently, approximately 70 IGA supermarkets are taking part in the program. The goal is to reach a 100% participation rate within four years.

New Action Reduction certification program

To recognize retailers’ efforts to improve their WMO, Jour de la Terre Québec has created Action Reduction, a certification program adapted to supermarkets. This certification is designed to:

  • Attest to retailers’ efforts;
  • Allow them to set concrete goals; 
  • Inform customers of the retailers’ commitment to reducing waste.

To learn more about this new certification program, consult the Jour de la Terre Québec website.