ZinZen program

ZinZen program

Éco IGA funds allocates $100,000 to revitalize a neglected space in the town of Nicolet.

IGA celebrates Éco IGA’s 5th anniversary

$100,000 allocated to revitalize a neglected space in Nicolet
To celebrate its fifth anniversary, Fonds Éco IGA wanted to finance an ambitious project that was both imaginative and sustainable. They decided to allocate $100,000 for the creative greening of a neglected space in a project uniting art, architecture, and nature.

When the call for candidates was announced in the fall of 2012, a total of about thirty project submissions where received, from which three finalists were selected.
The Jour de la Terre Québec ZinZen program and Fonds Éco IGA were happy to announce that after an in-depth analysis of their file, the Town of Nicolet had been selected as the first recipient of the ZinZen project award. They received a $100,000 grant to reconnect downtown Nicolet with the Nicolet River, providing citizens with a more user-friendly downtown core and a gathering place for residents. The unveiling of the winning project took place in June, 2013 at Place Marguerite-d’Youville in Nicolet.
Finally, after multiple evaluation and work stages, the new site’s official inauguration took place on July 10, 2014 with Mr. Alain Drouin, the mayor of Nicolet, and IGA merchant Mr. François Arseneault in attendance.

To learn more about the ZinZen program, visit Jour de la Terre Québec.