Green pea and ginger cream soup

Green pea and ginger cream soup from Josée di Stasio

Soups | Easy | 55 minutes

Recipe details


An simple, fresh recipe, Josée di Stasio's green pea and ginger cream soup can be prepared ahead of time and frozen. Just the thing so you can enjoy visiting with your guests!

Presentation tips

For a cocktail party, serve the soup in small verrines or tea cups, and add a small dollop of whipped cream on top. What an original, elegant presentation!

For a nice, festive effect, serve soup in cups or small bowls topped with whipped cream that’s garnished with lemon zest, snipped chives, or parsley to taste.

Freezing tip

Green pea and ginger cream soup will freeze well in an airtight container. Count on 12 to 24 hours thawing time in the fridge.

No waste

Refrigerate the unused green part of the leek and add it to your next broth. It will add lots of flavour to your dishes.