Cook with your little ones

Cook with your little ones

Try these colourful, original ideas and you’ll likely enjoy yourself as much as they will.
Here are some amusing gourmet activities to share with your little ones before and during the holidays.
Great smelling citrus pomanders

Great smelling citrus pomanders

Here’s a do-it-yourself holiday activity that will add delicious, spicy aromas to your Christmas ambience. Press whole cloves into the peels of citrus fruits like oranges, clementines, lemons, and limes. Let the little ones create their own patterns and then use multi-coloured ribbons to decorate and attach cinnamon sticks and star anise to their works of art. 

The pomanders will look lovely hung on the Christmas tree. You can also place them in a large vase with some evergreen branches for a fragrance-filled centrepiece that is sure to get lots of attention.

Christmas chocolate bark

Christmas chocolate bark

Melt some chocolate and spread it on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Sprinkle with coloured candies such as crushed pieces of candy cane or Christmas-coloured smarties. Refrigerate to set and then break into irregular shapes before serving.

Variation: Replace the candies with dried or candied fruit, roasted nuts, crumbled cookies, or a happy mixture of all four! You can also create marbled bark using white, dark, and milk chocolate. Encourage your kids pull out all the creative stops!

Strawberry Santa

Strawberry Santa

Select some big red strawberries. Cut off the stem to create a flat surface and cut off the point (about 1.5 cm) to make Santa’s hat. Flip the strawberry over, flat surface down, and place it on a serving dish. Top with a whipped cream rosette and then place the hat on top. 

Make a whipped cream pompom on top of Santa’s hat and use black sesame seeds for his eyes. There you have it — a delicious fruit Santa!

Soft and crunchy Christmas lollipops!

Whether decorating or devouring them, you’re going to love our trendy Christmas lollipops.

Crunchy lollipop: Follow the traditional recipe for rice crispies treats. Coat your hands with a bit of butter and roll the mixture into small 2.5 cm (1 in.) balls

Soft lollipop: Reshape Compliments Two-Bite Fudge Brownies into round balls with your hands.

  • For lollipop sticks, use coloured straws or small wooden skewers with the points removed. To ensure they stay securely in place, dip them in melted chocolate before inserting into the balls.
  • Place the lollipops in the freezer to set while preparing your decorations. 
  • Melt white, dark, and milk chocolate chips in a double boiler. Dip the lollipops into the melted chocolate to coat them. Consider them done, or you can decorate to make one-of-a kind creations.
  • Place a bouquet of lollipops in a tall glass or wrap a Styrofoam block like a Christmas present and insert the lollipops all over it. Your kids will be proud to have created such a stylish centrepiece.

Gingerbread people, shortbread, and cupcakes:


Holiday baking is a great activity to share with your kids. They’ll have fun mixing and stirring the ingredients together and using various cookie cutters to shape their creations. It’s probably best to leave the oven to Mom or Dad, though. The perfect canvases for your creations are gingerbread people, shortbread, and the ever popular cupcake. Fun guaranteed while preparing and decorating, not to mention sampling the treats!


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