Holiday Decor

Enchanting ideas for holiday decorating!

Candy Canes

Candy Canes
With their elegant stripes and colours, candy canes can inspire the prettiest of creations. Use them to create a modern decoration for the table. It's so simple! Use a hot-glue gun to attach the long sides of the canes in the shape of a candle holder, or make an unexpected centrepiece. Have fun! And don't forget to save a few candy canes for the little ones.

Snow White Decor

How do you instantly create a festive ambiance that’s simple and elegant? Opt for white, a classic choice that never gets tired and works perfectly with modern or traditional decors. Put together a monochromatic palette featuring different shades of white to create your backdrop, and then add subtle colour accents in neutral shades: steel or pearl grey, cream, silver, or gold. Adorn your table with a pretty white tablecloth and illuminate the space with candles, small lights, glass, and light-reflecting objects such as mother-of-pearl or other shiny items. Timeless chic guaranteed!

Hanging branch

This on-trend decoration idea will provide a focal point in your dining room that instantly creates a refined holiday atmosphere. Hang a branch horizontally above your table using transparent thread attached to small hooks in the ceiling. Tie your favourite decorations – tree baubles, bows, pine cones – to varying lengths of the thread and hang them from the branch. Keep the remaining decor simple. The effect will be all the more spectacular!

Place card surprise

Use place cards to indicate where each guest will sit. It’s a lovely way to welcome everyone to the table. And why not offer them a little surprise at the same time? Wrap up a truffle or tiny treat and write your guest's name on this miniature gift. Place it by their plate and invite them to open their gifts after dinner. They will be delighted by this thoughtful detail.

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Chinese fortune napkins

Chinese Fortune Napkins

For a unique and amusing start to the meal, take your inspiration from Chinese fortune cookies and welcome your guests to the table with a personalized message. Cut long strips of beautiful paper and use a pen with gold, silver, or black ink to write a personalized wish, words of welcome, or an amusing prediction in your best handwriting. Use your imagination! Place the strips inside the folded napkins and enjoy everyone’s reaction when they open them. Fun will be had by all!

Décor des Fêtes

Wall Tree

Here’s a quick, inexpensive way to transform your home’s interior with an original wall mural. Use pretty, decorative paper plates in different patterns and sizes to form a Christmas tree. You can also make snowflakes and get the kids involved. Create an elegant tone-on tone-effect by arranging the plates on a white wall, or perhaps in a window for a surprising effect both inside and outside!