cordon bluff

Become Cordon-Bluff Master

Cordon-Bluff: the funnest holiday game around!

The joy of celebrating is being in good company to have fun, eat well, and play well! This holiday season, IGA wants to spice up your holiday meals with this fun game to make organizing your potlucks easier: Cordon Bluff. Your holiday meals will resemble a murder mystery night where the bluffer cook will have to be found out by the real cooks. Start organizing your Cordon-Bluff party today!

Organize your party

Cordon-Bluff contest

You could win one grand prize worth $500 or five prizes worth $200 in IGA gift cards.

From December 4, 2017 to January 7, 2018 

  • Take part in a Cordon-Bluff party
  • Click on the link “Cordon-Bluff party” in the confirmation email you receive
  • Fill out the form: first name, last name, email address
  • Check the box “I have read and understood Contest rules”
  • Click Submit to send your entry form

Cordon bluff, the holidays #1 game

Bluff your way through your dish’s presentation

Change the dish of the product you bought:
  • If the product needs to be reheated, transfer it to one of your ovensafe serving dishes before putting it in the oven. The time spent in the oven will give the product a homemade look. 
  • For a salad, soup, or cold starter, the dish transfer is easier and a plastic wrap cover will add the final touch to your bluff. 
Tweak the product:
  • Add a little extra to your product. For example, sprinkle a few herbs on your salad or add a dash of whipped cream to your dessert.
  • Alter the appearance of your store-bought dish slightly to give it a more homemade look.

Bluff your way through the details

Be ready to describe your store-bought dish:
  • Look at the list of ingredients so you can field questions from the others.
  • Find a similar recipe so you can see how long it takes to prepare and cook the dish, as well as the steps required to put it together. 
  • Prepare fictional anecdotes about your prep: a missing ingredient, a kitchen utensil that fell apart on you, an explosion of flour, and so on. Use your imagination, but stay realistic.

Become bluff master

Prepare your backstory
  • As mentioned above, imagine a whole story behind the preparation of your buff dish and go over it a few times in your head so it sounds credible when you tell it. 
  • Feel free to practice with someone you know to see whether the elements of your story hold together and to ask you the types of questions the other guests may ask you. 
Accuse the accusers!
  • By questioning the comments of another player, you’ll turn the attention away from you and onto a real cook! 
  • Watch your body language
  • It’s quite common for your body to do the talking when you lie. Try to master nervous ticks, evasive eye contact, and stuttering. 
Stay confident
  • If you’ve prepared your kitchen backstory before the Cordon-Bluff meal, there’s no need to stress! Believe in your bluffer abilities and no one will see through you.

Now it’s your turn! Don’t forget the bluffer is the only player allowed to lie. Enjoy the moment to have some fun and personify your character! 

Have a wonderful evening!