Christmas recipe

Main courses

Get inspired by our delicious Christmas recipes.
The recipe for entertaining with elegance is simple: a well chosen main course, a basket full of quality ingredients, and warm welcomes all around!
When the holiday spirit sets in and the family is gathered around the table with the tree, beautiful and sparkling in the background, nothing tops a huge spread of holiday fare to tempt your guests. Create a magical effect for your holiday gatherings by choosing from our special holiday recipes.
Cooking tip: You can prepare many dishes ahead of time and freeze them before they're cooked. This way, when unexpected guests drop by, simply remove a dish from the freezer and pop it into the oven! Tourtière is a great example of an uncooked dish that freezes well.

No time to cook? No problem! Have you heard about festive boxes?

IGA tips and tricks: The festive box

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