My holiday table

My holiday table

When it comes to the holidays, I enjoy making traditional recipes, all while adding a touch of innovation. The important thing is to offer up much-loved classics, but with a modern twist. Pizza bites, finger sandwiches, charcuteries, and festive logs are just some of the holiday classics I like to offer my guests. 

One thing’s for sure: hors-d’œuvres are always a success, especially with kids. It can be challenging to get children to sit through an entire meal; serving a selection of small bites means they can eat and play all night long . . . which is a formula that I love!   

 My new Yule log will definitely be featured on this year’s dessert table. Light and refreshing, it’s the perfect way to end the meal!   

Perfect holiday cocktails and décor

Martini fraîcheur

Ma table des fêtes

My top 5 tips for simplifying your life

  1. 1- Cook with the heart

    Choose recipes that really inspire you—ones that make your mouth water and your heart soar. By planning a meal you love, you’ll look forward to all the hard work ahead.

  2. 2- Avoid being overly busy once your guests arrive

    Opt for dishes that can easily be prepared ahead of time, cook as a family, or ask guests to help out. It’s always fun when everyone gets to participate.

  3. 3- Be realistic

    No time to cook? Hire a caterer or buy ready-made dishes. Or combine both and save yourself the time and the hassle. The holidays shouldn’t be stressful. Keep your reality in mind and don’t over do it . . . that’s all!

  4. 4- Fewer gifts, more quality time

    Skip the complicated presents, and instead offer gourmet gifts or words of love. Kids love a box of homemade cookies, decorated with them in mind. Wondering what to bring your host? A bottle of olive oil, an assortment of exotic spices, or any other gourmet gift is always a great idea!

  5. 5- Think green

    The holidays are synonymous with abundance, but this year, think green. The wrappings you choose, the food you consume, and the gifts you give should all align with your values. Remember: less is often more.

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