Simplify your holidays!

Simplify your holidays!

Do you plan your holiday menu months in advance? Or are you more the wait-until-the-last-minute type of person? Either way, we have everything you need to create a real Christmas feast: cheese platters, hors-d’œuvres, tartare, soup, turkey, meat pie, salad… and a yule log too, of course! Get inspired by our succulent, simple, and tasty menu ideas and enjoy these precious moments with your family and friends to the fullest.

Festive cheese platter

Festive cheese platter

Here is an easy and sophisticated way to kick off the evening. Put the spotlight on Québec cheeses: set them up on a gorgeous platter and add fresh fruit, roasted nuts, dried figs or cranberries—or even port jelly or mango chutney. Your guests will be singing to the heavens above! Place this platter on your kitchen island or on the table, alongside a generous platter of quality deli meats and a basketful of fresh sliced bread and crackers.

For an explosive effect your guests won’t soon forget, try topping a warm camembert with maple syrup, nuts, and caramelized apples. You simply can’t go wrong with a Québec cheese, such as a Camembert L’Extra! Deck your table with this molten cheese and a few bread croutons, and voilà!

Exquisite finger food

People love to munch on all sorts of different things during cocktail hour. That’s why pre-prepared hors-d’œuvres are so practical! It is possible to make everyone happy without spending hours in the kitchen… discover the variety of quality options we have in the frozen food aisle, such as puff pastry bites, tempura shrimp, spring rolls, or bacon-wrapped dates and sausages.

You can also offer flavours of the sea, with smoked fish from Québec or the classic cocktail shrimp ring. For your smoked fish platter, simply add a few quartered lemons and capers. For a little more oomph, prepare a whipped cream cheese and chive spread to serve with the fish.

And cocktail hour is never complete without olives, marinated artichoke hearts, and a few raw veggies for a little freshness!

Hot and cold appetizers

Hot and cold appetizers

Soups are always a nice way to start a meal—hot, comforting, and flavourful, they open up your appetite. For your holiday menu, we have a delicious variety your guests will adore: broccoli and green pea, carrot and sweet potato, chicken and orzo, kale and white bean, lentil and coconut milk… There are so many original, mouth-watering options to choose from! Feeling a little daring? Add your own personal touch to every bowl—pancetta chips, a drizzle of cream and fresh herbs, tiles of Parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, roasted hazelnuts, microgreens… get creative!

You can also go a completely different route, serving up tataki and fish tartars for a chic and fresh appetizer. Make a statement with an oh-so-tender and tasty tuna tataki! After perfectly searing the thin slices, season them to your liking, with either sesame mayonnaise, lime hot sauce, maple and ginger sauce, or Bang Bang mayonnaise.

You can also save time with a fish tartare kit, with a selection of quality fish already cut into small cubes. Just assemble everything for a memorable appetizer. There are so many to choose from: tuna tartare with avocado and sesame sauce, scallop tartare with pomegranate arils and citrus sauce, and salmon tartare with mango and ginger sauce. Or you can treat your guests to a tartar trio! This presentation opens the door to tasting and discovery!

Majestic mains

Majestic mains

Christmas traditions are a must! Make sure your Christmas Eve buffet features gourmet classics like tourtière and turkey!

Ready-made tourtières are a great way of simplifying your do-to list. Several delectable varieties are available, from the classic pie, to the emblematic Lac Saint-Jean version. Keep a few in your freezer for when family and friends drop by unannounced. And make sure to have plenty of cranberries and homemade ketchup to serve on the side! 

Another great way of making the holidays a little less hectic? Pre-cooked turkey! Perfectly seasoned, vacuum-sealed, and cooked low and slow, it promises to be juicy and tender. All you have to do is reheat it in the oven for an hour or so until it’s golden brown. And while it’s heating, prepare your sides!

To satisfy the carnivores in your life, serve up a beautiful cut of meat, such as a thick and juicy Tomahawk-style steak. Once grilled to perfection, top it with a knob of rosemary, parsley and hot pepper-flavoured butter. It’ll look gorgeous on the table, surrounded by roasted vegetables or sautéed rapinis with garlic and sliced almonds.

Round off your buffet with a sauce dish—bœuf bourguignon is always a hit for the holidays. Want to save on time? Use prepared cooking sauces! Choose between a cranberry-orange or bourguignon sauce. Next, pick a protein (beef, pork, chicken, fish) and create a flavourful dish. All you have left to do now is throw everything together and let your concoction stew slowly in the oven, crockpot or pressure cooker. As the mouth-watering smells begin to fill your home, start working on your sides… maybe a pasta dish with butter and fresh herbs, or braised fennel.

Star sides

For a feast fit for a king, don’t forget the sides! And lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with several delicious suggestions for all tastes, from traditional to refined! Let’s start with a timeless classic: mashed potatoes! Serve them in their original version, or try adding sour cream and chives or garlic.

Holiday menus can be heavy, so lighten things up with a selection of salads! Let yourself be inspired by our catering service offerings: arugula salad, strawberry and nut salad, or one of our specialities, such as couscous and cranberries.

Yule love these desserts

Yule love these desserts!

To end the meal on a high note, nothing beats a chocolate Yule log! This rolled cake is as sweet to look at as it is to eat. For your sweet-toothed guests, we have three fabulous recipes created by stars of the culinary world.

The first: Ricardo’s triple-chocolate Yule log—a true treat for the taste buds! With its cocoa chocolate cake, dark chocolate fondant, and white chocolate whipped ganache, and covered with milk chocolate Chantilly, chocolate lovers are sure to fall in love!

Have vegan guests coming for Christmas? Don’t panic! Opt for the chocolate-hazelnut log created by famous “Végane mais pas plate” duo Jessie&PH. So decadent with its chewy chocolate-hazelnut cookie, crunchy puffed rice, and rich chocolate and caramelized hazelnut ganache . . . it’s impossible to resist!

And finally, for a one-of-a-kind dessert, let yourself be charmed by the white chocolate, pear and cranberry log created by Trois fois par jour’s Marilou. It’s a sublime combination of textures and flavours featuring a chocolate and vanilla sponge cake, marshmallow mousse, and cookie crumble. If you love chocolate, Marilou also has a chocolate-hazelnut-caramel log filled with a brownie-style cookie, salted caramel, chocolate sponge cake, and a chocolate and caramel mousse. Two recipes that are simply exquisite!

Original festive dessert

Want to try something different this year? How about the Ricardo dessert that is taking coffee shops by storm: his Red Velvet cake. With cocoa, coffee, cream cheese Chantilly, and a hint of vanilla, this dessert is both stunning and decadent. It’s the perfect addition to your holiday table!

Italian sweet treat

Looking for a gourmet gift? You can’t go wrong with panettone, the traditional Italian cake that comes in a pretty box… It’s perfect to slip under the tree! You can also serve it for dessert, with a glass of bubbly. With its delicate, lightly sweetened taste, panettone is a great way to end a meal.

A drink with that?

This year, enhance your cocktails with flavoured syrups: grapefruit, lime, lemon, or orange… Take your pick and impress the gallery! Cocktail syrups are a trendy way to reinvent a classic or create your own signature drink. Become a cocktail aficionado!

Vitamin drink

For a boost of energy during the festivities or to start the day off on the right foot, freshly pressed juices and smoothies are gold! Next time you have your family and friends over for brunch, why not serve up this combination of fruits and vegetables, enhanced with a hint of invigorating spices? These healthy and colourful drinks will be like a breath of fresh air!