The art of the holiday table

IGA has some affordable ideas to suggest for creating a table that could end up on Pinterest.

The art of the holiday table affordable

How do you do it?

DIY – DO IT YOURSELF. This artisanal trend will allow even the smallest of budgets to produce absolutely breathtaking decorations that are greater than great!

The cookies

Are you a baker at heart? Make some cookie place cards! Cute as anything, they'll ensure smiles from your guests (but keep an eye on them so they don't get gobbled up before dinner!)


The rosemary

Use nice, leafy sprigs of rosemary to add a festive touch. Attach the ends to form a lovely crown. Simple. Rustic. We love it!

Centre de table

The table’s center

For an eye-catching centrepiece, fill some vases with water and add lots of fresh cranberries. Miraculously, they float! Just add floating candles to create a truly intimate ambiance. (Pssst... Don't have vases? Use Mason jars instead! The look or the style will just be more rustic.)

Bring the outdoors in

Bring the outdoors in

Go for a walk in the woods and collect some pine cones, fir boughs, and branches to put together a Nordic look. To make it more chic, get out a brush and dab some metallic paint on the pieces. Your guests will be enchanted by this fairy-tale decor.

Shiny and simple

Shiny and simple

Save time with a sophisticated centrepiece that costs next to nothing. Gather all your candles and place them out on the table. Then pile your prettiest Christmas tree baubles in a large glass bowl. The candlelight and the colours will give a magical, elegant mood in no time!

Traditional poinsettia

Traditional poinsettia

Place small bouquets of poinsettia around the table for a retro feel. Choose red plants for timeless charm, or white for a more elegant look. Use thrift-shop finds such as vintage vases, plates, and platters, to make your table even more stylish.