Odd-looking fruit and vegetables:  Quebec products are back for a 2nd edition @IGAQC!

Odd-looking fruit and vegetables: Quebec products are back for a 2nd edition @IGAQC!

Montreal, August 11, 2016 – Following the success of the first edition and at the request of many consumers, odd looking fruit and vegetables are back for a second year running!

Starting today, IGA and its grocers are proud to be offering six home-grown product varieties in each of their supermarkets throughout the province and at IGA.net. With the collaboration of Quebec producers, the 2nd edition of this initiative will kick off featuring odd-looking fruit and vegetables until September 21, 2016 to celebrate the harvest season.

Quebec grown, funny looking and very popular

This initiative was a huge success in 2015, with sales of 3.6 tons of the unsightly fruit and vegetables.

Six odd-looking fruit and vegetable varieties:

  • cucumbers
  • carrots
  • tomatoes
  • beets
  • peppers
  • onions

Six good reasons to love them:

  • they’re perfect for cooking one extra meal per week (IGA + 1 Challenge)
  • they’re perfect for stocking up in the fall
  • they are strictly Quebec-grown produce
  • they have the same taste as standard produce
  • they have the same nutritional value as standard produce
  • on average they are 30% less expensive than standard produce

"IGA is always listening to consumers.” says Marie-Noëlle Cano, Director, Public Affairs and Sustainability at Sobeys Québec. “This initiative is a response to requests from many Quebecers who want to make responsible choices by purchasing fruit and vegetables that are locally grown, less perfect-looking, but every bit as good."

The Joy of Eating Better

This initiative is also a good reflection of The Joy of Eating Better movement, launched two years ago by IGA with the goal of inspiring Quebecers to eat better. The fruit and vegetables are a source of inspiration for many recipes as the harvest season begins. For the next six weeks, IGA will suggest a recipe for each one of them.

About IGA
IGA is the largest group of independent grocers in Canada and its presence in Quebec dates to 1953. In May 2014, IGA grocers launched The Joy of Eating Better initiative that aims to help Quebecers cook differently and more often, discover local and international flavours, eat healthier, and make responsible choices. In April 2016, they decided to make this movement even more accessible to everyone, all the time, thanks to a permanent price drop on thousands of grocery products. The IGA banner includes over 300 IGA, IGA extra, IGA express, and IGA mini stores. Moreover, IGA is the only group of food retailers to offer consumers the opportunity to accumulate AIR MILES® reward miles.

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